Unity Ride - The DVD

After the Unity Ride, we realised that we had enough footage to create a commemorative DVD of the day, and so we set about the task.

After a few legal stumbling blocks with various licensing issues, the DVD has finally been completed and is now available at just £6.99 - all profits will go to the Red Cross Vimctim Relief Fund.

Whats on the DVD?

The Unity Ride

Photo Gallery

Perfect Day - troad safety ad

A Street, a track, an open road

You’re So Nicked! Tongue in cheek police voice over from one of the marshall on board cams…

There are only 1000 copies of this, once they’re gone, they’re gone. They can be bought from www.unityride.co.uk

Mines on the way - I am in it so I have good reason to get it.

I’m also in it so will be sending it to family back in NZ and OZ.

It’s also a great reminder of togetherness riding for what we all agreed on.

Well done to Trouty, Anna and all the rest of the team


Very good Trouty! I will get my copy soon.

We’ll also be showing/selling the DVD at the Ace Cafe on friday 7th July, from around 8:30pm

yeah same im in it too lol

got my copy this morning while at work, watched it when i got back and very good indeed and very well packaged well worth the money,

thanks for the memorible day

Mines on the way, being delivered by Biggus later on. Looking forward to seeing it, I know some of the grief that has gone into actually producing this.

liked your little peice in there chuffster

Ta muchly. Not seen it yet but heard I was in it. Not sure if I appear riding the bike or not. I will probably be there somewhere - at the front on my 636 with a pillion!

Got my copy today, watched it twice already, got a lump in my throat both times… it was really good to put some faces to names i have seen on this and other forums.

Saw the premier at UCL, not watched it on DVD yet, can’t wait as some of my footage was used in it

and you got credited in the credits …

Indeed I did… I even appear in it too…

Watched it last night and feel that it was really well done. That extra bit about getting nicked was superb. Looked like a normal day in London to me.

that you do … and just behind your face is Gupps

"That extra bit about getting nicked was superb. Looked like a normal day in London to me. "

The officer that was talking over that part of the DVD asked if he could say hi to the person who made it . All I know is that I have been on a couple of rides with the person and was wanting to ask why the hell they were going so slow .

It’s a great DVD and was a great day I only wish that we done it for different reasons But for those that did come on the ride I hope there are parts in ther DVD that bring back that feeling of we all got

It certainly brought back memories for me. There’s a nice shot of my derriere on the storm!

the DVD will be getting shown on the big screen at the Ace tonight at 8pm, and we will also be selling them there tonight

Trouty are you still going to High Beach on Sunday, if so I’ll see you there