Unity Ride Parking Marshals

If you have volunteered or would like to volunteer to help park up the Bikes, direct traffic or simply show the bikers the way in to the Excel complex (Greeters), then be on site by 10.00 as we have a marshals meeting at 10.30. If you have your own comms then great : Channel 6, if not we will try and provide them.

Getting exciting init?


Yep it is!

How many registrations has there been?

A Lot…“No senior police officer, there will definately be no more than 500 Bikers attending this event”


i wonder what the chances are of me parking up all the LB & CBC bikes together, will see how things are on the day and if i can i will.

I think LB are having a stand… remember to wear you LB and CBC Hoodies - Tshirts or bikini’s