Unity Ride III - 17/08/2008

You should have a blue Unity badge to print out - take that :slight_smile:

I should be there again.

Coffee for me , me and fishy will be there registered jus now, poss rc as well.

Thanks MS - just after we posted the question an email came with the badge in. See you there

Nice to meet you last night Zeph, see you at the Ace Sunday.

I am waiting for my reg stuff at the moment and i am confused…

It is supposed to come in the post right?

If it is an e-mail i’m boned - draconian spam filter… Suppose royal mail are just as likely to lose it though :wink:

We paid on the Unity site by Paypal on Thursday, and got a receipt number, but the email with the registration details has only just turned up late tonight. They have a forum with a FAQ section that might help if yours does not turn up soon.

I have just registerd i am not sure if i can make it yet but paid anyway hopefully i will be joining in down at the oakdene at specified time:)

Going to get down to the Oakdene early to get in a breakie before it gets too busy. I’ll be wearing a SERV bib if anyone wants to say hello. Jamie

For some reason the Unity site is inacessable from work. The message I get is “cannot find server.” It was the same last year when I tried to register.


All the information and tickets gets gets sent right back to the email address that you supplied. We don’t use Royal Mail as it is an extra expense, takes longer and needs more effort to complete. If you have not got you ticket please email the Unity Ride Admin team and the lovely Olga will be able to help you by sending your registration to another email address or via the post. The emails containing the tickets get sent out every few days so it is not an automatic reply.

[email protected]

The last online registration date is Friday, after that you can buy a ticket on the day from any Unity Support Rider in an orange Bib.

How odd, I’ve never heard of that before… Does this link work for you?

https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr it is the direct link to the pay pal page to register.

If not contact Olga at [email protected] or pay on the day


The last online registrations must be before Friday 15/08/08 at 17.00


Thanks Biker Biker, it has been sorted out now

I’m all paid up! See you on Sunday :slight_smile:

deleted post, found answer

I’ll be at the Ace friday night (15/08/08) for all LB Unity Support Riders that need a orange Hi Viz vest. See you after 7pm :slight_smile:

See you there. - email sent

paid through paypal had no comfirmation of this tho’

guess ill have to buy another ticket on sunday at the oakdene?

When did you purchase it?It will be sent to the email address that you supplied with your pay pal account and it is not an instant automatic reply thing… The best thing to do is contact Olga who is our Admin ticketing Queen and she will sort you out[email protected]If your’re still worried about not getting your number in time… PM me friday afternoon

Online bookings close today at 17.00…

Pay on the day tickets will be available… :smiley: