How do i uninstall somethign of my computer that the computer won’t let me. I have had a problem with Quick player as it won’t let me download the latest iTunes.
I uninstalled itunes as i couldn’t even access it and tried to reinstall which because of Quicktime player i can.t.
Can i get into the registry and erase quicktime player from there, if so how.

Have you tried using Windows’ System Restore function to restore it back to before you installed Quicktime? Pl note this would also remove all programmes and updates installed since Quicktime, but your data should be safe.

Have you tried “Revo uninstaller” it worked for me and its a freebie. It removes the program and cleans all its registry listings

I did a system restore and did a ccleaner thing and that didn’t work. I’ll look at Revo uninstaller later and let’s hope that works.

I think i have made it worse so i have called Kevsta and he is coming over tomorrow to hopefully fix the problem.