Unexpected back door bump

So while stationary behind a van, a prius driver decided stopping wasn’t really for him.

I’m fine. The bike seems fine (tall bike vs low bumper) but I’m wondering…is there anything specific I should be looking out for damage wise?

Anyone else had similar happen to them?

Get yourself checked out asap. I’ve been rear ended three times on bikes and once in a car. Three out of four times, whiplash showed up two to three days after the collisions, the first time being the worst, and I suffered dramatic pain for over eight months. January last, I was rear ended in my car, and I went for physical therapy within two hours, and also the following day. The effects where dramatically reduced. The older and les fit a person is, the more pain they are likely to feel, and the healing process takes longer. I highly recommend getting some physical therapy before any whiplash-like symptoms start to appear.

Check the wheels.

They aren’t designed to be shunted from behind.
If in doubt replace them.

And get yourself checked out as Aceman says.

–Insert “back door bump” joke here–

--Insert "back door bump" joke here-- Von
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check your subframe and undertray and for movement i have snapped bolts when scrapping on stunt bike and not relised also if your free to welcome to pop up mine and scorch’s place for cuppa and we can have a look for you… tomorrow or friday be good 

I've been rear ended early three times on bikes and once in a car. Aceman
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Tell me more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Call me, I can’t be bothered to type that lot out.  My phone numbers are on my website www.aceman.co.uk I don’t put phone numbers up on public forums, as I’ve been warned about the Bots.