undertaken by a cyclist :-D

who says i can’t ride slowly with caution? today i was riding in a bus lane doing 15mph :smiley: behind security van, when i saw in my mirrors a cyclist. so i thought ok i’ll keep to the right, in case he might be faster :laugh: and he was! few seconds later he undertook me :w00t: he wasn’t even trying :smiley:

i let him be up close and personal with the back of that security van, i on the other hand was not in any rush, couldn’t see f. all because of rain and quite frankly i can’t afford dropping my bike again i need to sell it for as much as i can.

praise the bus lane, cause sometimes i can be real pain in the arse and want to ride 20mph, just cause i feel like it, so move into bus lane check for any nutcases doing 40mph and of i go being a rebel and doing 20 :wink: enjoying the scenery :smiley: :smiley:

what can i say? i’m a girl that doesn’t like normality, i prefer extremes :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

in my defence though the other lane was full of cars not moving at all.

Ever see a lycra lout face plant the back of a van for being too close?? :smiley:

nope, but i was imagining it :smiley: i suppose if the visibility was clearer and the rider was better looking i could’ve at least enjoyed looking at his backside or shoulders :smiley:

I can’t believe that you were doing 15mph and not driving dangerously :smiley: that’s something new :smiley: well done :wink: Now i imagine that that cyclist is telling to all of his friends on the london cyclist’s forum that he overtook a motorbike on the bus lane :laugh:

i suppose the old saying is true! you can achieve anything you set your mind to :laugh:

I hope thats true, because I’m setting my mind to passing the test :smiley:

Ahem… cough cough;)He’s probably gay anyway if he’s wearing lycra. :w00t:

good luck :slight_smile: don’t go too fast when doing emergency stop try to do the required limit. also it’s better to stop to far then to lock up your wheel.if you lock up a wheel - they’ll fail youif you stop too far - well it can go both ways, you may just get a pass :slight_smile:

I don’t think they gonna let my pass if I wont stop in time and crash instructor into a fence :smiley: but I would love to do that :hehe:

To be honest Jaime, i cant remeber if he was cause i was too busy picturing gruesome thoughts about what can happen if van suddenly slams on the brakes. i was also thinking about other bikers i’ve seen and how close they get to the back of cars, and you too btw! i remeber few times on our ride outs i wanted to tell you not to stop so closely in case they might want to reverse or something…but then who am i to talk :smiley: :Whistling:

Thanks mum :DU should try to say it on the rideout. No use after I get home cause I might not have made it home…:crying:If someones being a di£k then tell em there and then cause ur in their path all day and they will continue to do it cause they dont know better. You will only better yours and their odds if you tell em. I would not take offence if someone told me off for shitty riding. :)Rather a b0llocking from a rider than the hospital staff hey :D;):stuck_out_tongue:

ok then, you are a ******* **** rider.
How does that feel now? :smiley:

I would’ve gone with “miracles can happen”

[email protected]! :crying: :P:P:P

The security van was in the bus lane? Are they allowed to do that?

That reminds me, I saw a security van getting a parking ticket outside Natwest the other day. :smiley:

A cyclist smashed into my swing arm when turning left, he didn’t pay attention to my indicator or had signal so I stopped and laughed :slight_smile: