Uncle Joes Mint Balls

Has anyone ever had them/does anyone know of a shop in London that sells them?

Not much makes me homesick but they are featured in this video on the BBC website and now I’ve got a hankering :pinch:

The factory is across the road from my school and when the wind was blowing in the right direction then the smell was amazing

I know I could get them off the internet or get someone from back home to post them to me - but I want some now - so can anyone help? :smiley:

Tinternet says they can be brought at Morrisons :smiley:

So get on bike and get down road :smiley:

Ohhhh and Harvey Nicks :wink:

Thankies J :)I knew you must be able to get them someplace because there is a tin of them on the shelf in the kitchen in Peep Show which is filmed in Croydon (lame observational skills but not something you see every day so my eye was drawn to it and got over excited about it :P)

Already been to 3 local’ish Morrisons looking with no joy - Harvey Nic’s is a good shout though :slight_smile:

Just been doing a bit more research - and it turns out that because they are trying to get them into more supermarkets, they might have to leave the factory where they are which is really sad … audio slideshow with some lovely photographs here : http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/audioslideshow/2009/sep/25/1 with story here : http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/sep/25/uncle-joe-mint-balls-revival

Eeee … as only juss noticed what tha dun there luvReet gradely :wink:

So what’s the fuss then - why won’t a mint imperial satisfy the craving?

If you had a hankering for red meat - would a Big Mac suffice or would you actually crave chateaubriand? :stuck_out_tongue:

No - in all seriousness - they don’t taste the same … don’t know if it’s because they are made with brown sugar rather than white or if it’s just the nostalgia factor :slight_smile:

So when you off to Harvey Nic’s :wink:

This might be your best bet Mr-C, they have everything from back in the day :w00t:


OMG, Kopp Kopps and Cough Candy Twists. I’m so in heaven!

I’d forgotten my craving when last week, as if by magic, a certain someone handed a bag to me care of your link :smiley:

Now … who wants one? nomnomnom :smiley:

Save me one :smiley: