Uncle Drew playing basketball


(skip to about a minute in…)

Pan… that’s a 5 minute advert for Pepsi… dude you REALLY REALLY REALLY need a hobby

i know it is…

I LOVE watching the funky stuff of Basketball. White Men Can’t Jump is one of my favourite movies. :slight_smile: Good ad.

Ah I miss Basketball in this country… :frowning:

we should organised an LondonBasketBikers event


I haven’t played since 2001 (with the exception of a couple of games)

I think I’d probably collapse after 5 airballs… :smiley:

Yeah, we can stand and shoot hoops perhaps, not actual running around :wink:

Are there many nice public courts?

Only ones I have ever seen are somewhere down here near southwark somewhere… not sure if they’re nice

I say we should run around until we get tired at least :smiley:

Shooting hoops just gets boring after 25 attempts with nothing going in! :slight_smile:

EDIT: There’s an open one near here in Epsom… Pan how does a 1-on-1 sound? :smiley:

If others want to come on down, sounds good to me! :slight_smile:

im in! all we need is a ball :smiley:

pah basketball is passé


They can’t be that expensive surely??? :smiley:

Let’s do it! £15 for a Spalding one (Spalding’s still the brand to buy? :))

Damnit I’m gonna have to go out and buy trainers now…

There are some in Dulwich Park too, though I think you’re meant to pay for them.

One of my mates is in a team, they are always looking for new people.

so thats me and serrisan out then :stuck_out_tongue:

Doc says I’m not allowed to run around :frowning: I only have 2 decent ligaments of the 4 in my right knee, with not much cartilage left :frowning:

Let me know when you’re doing it though, although if it’s down south, it might be tricky for me.

Yeah I think personally I’d collapse after 5 mins… gotta get back into it though. It was the biggest part of my childhood :frowning: