unbeliveable car driver

I dropped the kids off this morning in my car comming back through the tight lanes i had to stop and wait for a car to reverse into the gap ,watched as she wet backwards and up the bank watched a little more as she started to wheelspin thought i better move back and let her pass so reversed 100 uards back up the hill and sat and waited 2 mins almost no one came past got out car wlked down the hill to see this poor woman had got the rear of the car hooked on the bank, whilst walking towards her another car with a lady driver didnt bother to ask if she could help just did 10 point turn and wet the other way, anyway i went down and she asked if i could move it for her so beeing the nice bloke i am i mangaed to get it unstuck with out anydamage, anyway once back in my car i catchup with the woamn that turned around and drove off, as we passed a couple of cars she was stopping them and telling them the road was blocked and they wouldnt get through?? so every time they came past me i told them what had hapend and that the silly cow just turned around and left her there , anyway she ended up going the long way round i imagine , its about 7 miles further than cutting through the lanes, the point is why if you could see a woman on her own with 3 kids in the car that was stuck down a country lane would you just turn aroud and go with out asking if you could help??

(she didnt see me comming down to help)

i dont make a habbit of helping car drivers but if they look vunrable i stop and see if theres anything i can do same with broken down bikes ive helped about 5 blokes on there bikes over the last couple of years , sorry for going on i just cant belive how selfish and inconsiderate some people are even if they are car drivers

Good for you sly, nice humanitarian thing you did there:D And although i’m a woman i would say unfortunatley that female cagers are useless drivers:D

Hence why i stick to riding a bike lol

gotta be done well played

Nice work on your part. Well done. :smiley:

Nice one mate.

Unfortunately it seems to be an increasingly selfish world we live in :frowning:

Heading down a country lane on the way home the other night I noticed there was quite a lot of traffic queued up. The lane being narrow and with blind bends, I was forced to settle into the traffic for the most part.

Eventually I came across the hold up. A branch had fallen from a tree; not a big one, but enough to mean oncoming traffic had to wait for the traffic on my side of the road to let it come around. I was amazed no one had bothered to clear the branch, preferring to queuing, or more likely thinking, “well I’m at the front now, so soon it will not be my problem”. Anyway, jumped off the bike and threw the branch clear of the road into the woods. Carried on noting the puzzled expression on the faces of drivers wondering why they were sitting in traffic for the next half a mile.

People don’t like to put themselves out nowadays it seems.