Unable to post on London Bikers

I have lost my Firefox, its not working, I have been trying to post, thought I was banned or something. Using Vista and IE, can any one offer a solution. I have uninstalled Firefox, and reinstalled. Many thanks


run in compatability mode?

Just tried that, thanks Danny. It didn’t work.

Looks like your doing ok with the posting to me:w00t:

+1 :smiley:

Thats a good point johnny… you just posted on here… lol you’re funny… :smiley:

Using another pc at the moment. Windows 3.1. 20mb hard drive, 1mb ram. 13 amp plug.


wow high spec gear :hehe:

You’ve been posting but we’ve all been ignoring you:hehe::smiley:

Uninstall and reinstall.

You do know LB went down earlier today though right :slight_smile:

Sorted it thanks. It is the latest 3.6 version, not working, I did the uninstall and reinstall, still didn’t work. So I started from version 2.0 and installed up to 3.5. Anyone else had the same problem?