After a puncture and recommendation from someone (sorry I have forgotten who it was…?) on the BCW I put ultraseal in my tires.

Last week I noticed an industrial size staple in my rear tire. I used a pair of pliers to pull it out and got little hiss and a tiny amount of liquid coming out.

Two weeks later and about 250 miles I have no loss of pressure.

If you haven’t heard of this stuff, it is not a “get me home” type of fix - it is meant to be a permanent repair.

I have this stuff but I have still in doubt how it works. Could you find some time to help me with fitting this stuff to me tires Sam?

It says alot on the packet, I had the seal put in my last bike and managed to get a 3mm nail in it so decided to put the nail out and ended up with a flat.

It really is straight-forward to put Ultraseal in a tyre.

As has been said, the instructions are on/in the box.

Just take your time; the liquid is quite thick so the bottle needs to be squeezed hard.

I bought a bottle at the BMF Tail-end Rally for my first scooter. Also in the box was the little tool for removing the valve core.

Make sure you have a rag handy if you’re anything like me then go for a ride as soon as the job’s done to spread the liquid evenly round the tyre.

Is’t really worth it to squize this stuff into the tire mate?

I`ve always had my tyres Ultrasealed. It gives that peace of mind knowing that if you do get a punture that it can be sealed there and then.

Yes, you plugged it for me, it was someone else that mentioned ultaseal tho.

The only prob I have with all the tyre liquids when a bod want’s their wheels polished and some how forget to tell me they have it in until I am covered in sticky gooey snot

Has anyone bought this product in the last few months? If so did you experience any difficulties or problems getting the sealant into your tyre(s) and if you have used it before did you think it was different in any way?

Was your’s blue or pink?

its wicked stuff i religously stick it in my tyres and having had a few punctures it allways does the job, it has changed its trade name now, (not sure what to) and is like rocking horse **** to get, MARK HOLDEN 0208464400 in BROMLEY does my tyres for me and only charges a few bob, to stick it in the tyres. dont get the crap SLIME (GREEN) stuff from halfords its not up to the job

GIULIANO - Bright blue and so jelly-like I had to use a G-Cramp round the bottle to get the stuff into my tyres…previously it was reasonably easy to hand-squeeze the bottle.

UltraSeal say the product is OK and will thin when the tyres warm up…I remain a little bovvered though.

Blue is good - the old stuff was pink and is expired.

It should be hard to squeeze out - never had to use a clamp or anything though. I think it is marvelous. We have had no puntures at all since using it (previously at least one each per year) and the tyre wear seems much better.

It isn’t meant to be too liquid as it doesn’t slosh arround, just spread across the tyre surface.

Thanks for that Giuliano - I feel a bit happier now! If it would just stop raining I’ve got a brand new pair of BTO21s to de-glaze…

i can see why people use it but personally i hate it , covers me in crap when im chainging tyres and corrodes inside the rim to buggery , seems to seal a puncture though

rinse it out with cold water and no mess, can’t believe it would cause rims to corrode as the products been out for years, i **t does what it says on the box **

Q - Will Ultraseal rust or corrode rims?

A - No!

Ultraseal’s rust and corrosion inhibiting system continuously works to prevent rust or corrosion.

Ultraseal cannot eliminate existing rust or corrosion, but will neutralize it and prevent any additional damage.

Reading this thread I gotta get me some of this stuff. I seem to get punctures just because theyre available. At least one or two a year and usually after ive had a new set put on.

Ive previously heard of something like this but was dubious of having something inside my tyres.

its good ****, i have used it stacks of times,
if you are south london speak to MARK HOLDEN 02084644400 he will stick somein your tyres for a cheaper price than buying your own job lot, only takes ten mins, tell him jim sent you,

its ok if your not the one changing the tyres :slight_smile:

i got flipping covered in it last time i had a tyre with it in.

one of the other lads at my work is always lazy and doesnt take the valve core out before braking the bead.

he got a shock when he broke the bead and 42 psi of ultraseal hit him…

that stuff is messy!! just get yourself a crafty plug kit!:slight_smile: