ultraseal/puncturesafe installation question

It takes time to spread evenly across the inside surface of the wheel fella. If you bung it all in it’s going to be sitting there as a blob on one side of the tyre causing the balance problems you describe. Give it several mins at low speeds to spread out and thats it sorted. Never has the problem you describe.

To be honest I wouldn’t trust that goo to stop a leak, and if it did I would wish it didn’t. I would rather know it was there!!

Wouldn’t it be better to get the puncture repair kit to store under your seat. Can’t remember the name but it’s in the Motrax mag at most dealers. Has a spiky plastic key thingy you twist into the hole once you’ve removed the nail and snap the key head off once its embedded and then use a disposable 12g CO2 canister with an adapter to inflate the tire, although you would probably need two. One of them will only inflate a tyre to about 24psi which isn’t enough for a decent sized tyre.

Sorry for not posting links etc but I can’t remember the name, but if you get the latest Motrax mag it’ll be in there.




You go around a corner and realise there’s only 10psi in your tyre, crash.

I fail to see the benefit of knowing you have a puncture while riding.

that might well be the main culprit there :slight_smile:
when I had ultraseal fitted to my bike I was warned it might take a couple of miles to be spread out around the tyre, if your bike is so touchy that it vibrates badly I would check the tyre pressures, balance whether the wheel is in-line, I have never found any vibration problems even at 100mph? of course you could always carry one of these got a friend out of trouble up in the highlands this year when his goldwing rear tyre decided it needed more iron in its diet :slight_smile: boy was he pissed when he found out there was no ultraseal in the tyre even though he had paid to have it added :slight_smile: didn’t use the CO2 though the Mallaig ferry had a compressor :slight_smile:

I have never had vibration problems on my scoot and it has gone well over 100mph with Ultraseal in the tyres several times. I suspect it takes a while to get smeared round the surface so it is even. I have heard of other people complaining about unbalance at motorway speeds+ shortly after installation.