Ultra Low Emission Zone

nope, they use that in italy too.

I don’t think this follows. Certainly that would be more effective, but not going quite that far doesn’t mean they’re not having any effect at all. I mean, if they really wanted to stop pollution and congestion they’d just ban all and any forms of combustion, but that’s completely unworkable. Any measure on a scale towards that is some attempt at some reduction in pollution, and banning cars from city centres for 12 hours a day seems a pretty arbitrary point at which to say “this is where it becomes worthwhile”.

I’m only arguing with your initial assertion that because this London plan isn’t the same as some European ones it must be a money-making scam.

The thing most people forget is that London is a MASSIVE city compared to others cities in Europe. It can’t cope now (has traffic decreased because of the CC?) so banning traffic from the “centre” would not work.

Also most people that have to drive in Athens have two cars-one with a registration ending with an even number, the other ending with an odd number, it has done bugger all to ease congestion or pollution.