Ultra Low Emission Zone

hi all …been a bit quiet rebuilding my bike …

I got this email today from TFL looks like another way of squeezing our hard earned out of us …

We would like your views on the proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone which will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the same area as the Congestion Charging zone. The zone would be introduced in 2020 and aims to encourage the use of newer, cleaner vehicles, reducing vehicle pollution by half.

All cars, motorcycles, vans, minibuses, and heavy vehicles would need to meet a new emission standard or pay a daily charge to travel within the zone. The proposed daily Ultra Low Emission Zone charge will be in addition to the existing Congestion Charge.

To find out more and to have your say please visit


this time its including our bikes …I remember a few years back I bought a lpg car coz they said it would be con charge exempt they soon changed it

now lpg dosent mean a thing … they keep moving the goal posts and it always costs Londoners money …sorry rant over …AL…

I am sorry, but I think this is a good move - the only part I disagree with is the 24/7 proposal - if you own a classic bike the time you want to ride through London would be the weekend…thats if you wanted to ride through London.

**** off. If you wanna price me out of a job in London keep going. Then you can all complain when more join the benefit mob, cos that’s what will happen.


I ride or drive to the elephant & castle to visit my parents, they live just 1 road into the zone so I go after 6pm… i drive an lpg car but that doesn’t matter now either …

i ride a 24 year old bike i cant afford a new bike and i cant afford 30k for a recycled lunch box of a car that i have to plug in and charge where exactly charging points are not sprouting out of every street corner …

they say that less than 1% of the problem is caused by bikes so why include bikes …i don’t know the figures but does running a bike create as much pollution as creating the power to make and charge an electric car

i just don’t see how charging people more money will help its not stopping the cause of the problem …next it will be only public transport is allowed in the city centre and they will have a monopoly on that and charge you a fortune bus fare to make up for the money they are not making on the con charge …

if their mission is to only have ultra low emission/no emission vehicles in London why give people the option to drive in with higher emissions if they pay if this wasn’t a money making exercise aswell …

if they were to say no vehicles apart from public transport allowed in the zone for say 12 hours a day i wouldn’t mind but it just always seems to hit the people who need to be there

Thats a nonsense comment, who is pricing you out of London? What bike do you own? You mean to say you cannot afford a cheapo bike made after 2007? Nonsense, there are plenty of bikes going for under £500, just might not be your cup of tea at the moment that is all - but realistically when this kicks in there will be plenty of good bikes at affordable prices, so again you are being ignorant of the facts.

Electric cars aren’t really much of a solution either. Assuming that this isn’t just a cynical spurious charge (and I don’t think it is) then there is a drive both to stop people emitting pollutants and to stop them causing traffic. You therefore are being encouraged onto something clean and small, like a bicycle or electric bike. Or public transport.

One way to make people do something less frequently is to charge them every time they do it. In fact, it seems to be the only way that works. What else would you suggest?

Because for some people paying this charge infrequently is easier and cheaper than paying for a whole new vehicle.

Right. Because banning everyone from London 50% of the time doesn’t hit the people who need to be there?

I’m going to start selling flip up numberplates.

@Big Red, if they’re charging people to use the roads I already pay for I want a slice.

Nonsense my arse.

I ride to London because public transports too damn expensive (£600) to get into London from Essex. A mortgage, 2 kids, wife, car the whole nine yards means its tough on the pocket. Don’t need another BS tax putting preasure on the wallet. In my industry the jobs that pay are in town, anything outside doesn’t cut it. Not only that but their farming out the work abroad.

Everyone pays for the roads, regardless of whether they use them. That’s how national infrastructure works.

And they’re not charging you to use the road, they’re charging you to use the roads with some specific vehicles (or, perhaps, for not using one of a specific set of vehicles).

as we have much bigger problems with the emissions in europe, the traffic is not allowed in town centres full stop. unless you have an ultra low emission vehicle or an electric one. bikes and scooters are not part of the scheme and can run and park everywhere.

so yes, its a money making scheme and people should strongly oppose to it.

It’s a money making scheme because other cities are doing it differently?

differently or properly?

they (read=Boris the moron) always seems to think air quality can be improved by washing it with cash. :smiley:

Well, charging people to not do things you’d rather they didn’t do is basically the only reliable way to get them to not do it. What’s the better alternative?

this is BS!

thats my tuppence worth

One option is even worse, compulsory retirement of any vehicle not up to spec.

This probably needs clarification by TfL, but having briefly read the consultation document it looks like the plan is to make historic (currently pre 1974) bikes excempt. I’m not sure if this is now a rolling time period, meaning that by 2020 any bike built before 1980 could enter the zone for free.

They made some great 2t’s before then…


as i said, if they really want to improve air quality, with the added bonus of releasing traffic congestion, only public transports cabs and bikes to be allowed in the town centre.
public transport in loads of european towns has already been switched back to trams and other forms of electric transportation many years ago.
before people start shouting bloody murder, the town centre is closed to cars vans and trucks from 7am to 6pm, so different arrangements can be made for deliveries and such.

this method seems to have worked in major european towns for about 10 years and more so far. but as usual, people here want clean air and to have vehicles running free everywhere, so no compromise no deal.

side note. it has been proven several times that major source of air pollution are planes and household heating. end of side note.

you should see the system used in central athens… licenceplates end in numbers. On odd days, cars with number plates ending with odd numbers are allowed; vice versa on even days.

Most bizarre system in the world…

it does make sence during the day but not to long ago they wanted more people to go and get bikes then started charging them to park now this, its a joke cant wait to move to scotland