ULEZ Update - Phase II (2021)


The TFL checks are crap. My bike was compliant according to their website. I changed the number plate and now it isn’t. Despite demonstration the bike was registered at a date where it must be compliant they want certificates from the manufacturer to confirm it is. Which I am expected to pay for!


I was informed that l needed a sticker my 2008 MPV to travel through German ULEZs (drive thru Karlsrule and Munich alot). You do it online sending the Berlin office €6 and a scan of your V5. They have given me a green sticker that allows me to drive in all their zones, Khan’s website says l can’t drive in London without paying the charge.


Certain towns in France are the same.


You mean that your vehicle should be exempt from it, but according to the website it’s not?


Perhaps he means that if ULEZ is designed to adhere to a European admission standard, why will Munich allow him in but London won’t? Especially if the Euro3/4/5 vehicle emission standards are supposedly uniform across Europe.


The Euro emissions standards are the same across Europe, but different administrations can choose different standards as their requirements for their LEZs.

London has several schemes requiring different standards in different areas depending on the vehicle.


Better be careful around the Shoreditch area.



Correct, on the original website it said the car was ok but that has since changed. Need to understand the criteria better.


It’s confusing me. TfL’s site says my 2006 car is subject to the T-Charge but not subject to the 2021 ULEZ - despite it also saying the ULEZ is an extension of the T-Charge.

Good news to me if it’s not subject, I’ll be able to keep the car.

I suspect there will be more twists and turns to this story before we are done.


The vehicle checker has been broken in the past, but the criteria itself is unchanged:

It’s in terms of Euro standards, and the translation of this to year-of-purchase is only to make it easier for people who don’t keep track of them (most people) and is based on the earliest year a vehicle was required to meet them.


Which car is it? Your V5 will probably say the Euro standard it’s built to and that’s more definitive than the TFL site’s numberplate-based checker.


Good point, I’ll dig it out. Thanks.


Ok, I’ve not had to give this much thought but I am thinking about popping into London one evening…

Last I checked (I think using tfl site) my bike (2007 KTM adventure) was ok… I seem to remember checking online that it met the necessary euro standard.

Is this whole thing already active or can I just ignore it as it hasn’t been implemented yet and I’m only popping in either this or next weekend?


You can ignore it until April 2019, when the ULEZ comes into effect.


thanks BRS!


The ULEZ checker doesn’t work for bikes. All it does now is check the date of registration and anything pre 2007 is deemed as not meeting the ULEZ standard. The 250 has gone from not meeting the ULEZ standard to meeting the ULEZ standard to not meeting the ULEZ standard.

I’ve emailed TfL and they replied ‘Unfortunately, we are unable to determine the compliance status of your vehicle by Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) alone. Therefore, we advise you to send us a copy of your vehicle registration document (V5C) and vehicle’ s Conformity Certificate’

I’ve now emailed [email protected] and expect to receive the certificate in the next week.


I think I’d rather take the train… Do you have to have he certificate for peace of mind, in case they send you a ticket when it starts or do you need it just to go in?

Might look into it further(is read this thread properly) when I have a moment.


I remember my brother drove his van into London (I said dont worry, the lez zone doesn’t affect private vehicles).

a month later he returned from his travels to a demand for £1500 for unpaid fine bla bla.

I checked with their checker with reg and it failed, said he needed to pay, but his v5 stated it was built after jun 2002 or something which the site suggested would be ok. so I argued with them for a few weeks and they dropped the case.

basically; dont trust their site, it’s shite.


It used to be broken in that it thought all bikes were OK. It’s only ever offered to be a guide based on the year of manufacture, since that’s all TFL have ever claimed to be able to do automatically; early adopters have always required manual persuasion of TFL.


For pre 2007 Euro 3 early adopters you need to notify cclondon, the evidence they require is copies of the Certificate of Conformity and the V5. You can make the enquiry by following the links on the the TfL ULEZ checker website.