Ulez scrappage scheme, Car for Bike?

Afternoon all,

Just heard about the scrappage scheme that is being offered, basically all my vehicles sadly fall outside of the required Euro emission standard or at least they were not tested to the required level when new so I am facing a bit of a issue in the near future, I know the bike could be tested at Riverbank but with the Campervan I am buggered.

I see that they are offering 2k for cars if you tick a few boxes but has anyone actually used the scheme as of yet?.

Also could a car scrappage be used to purchase a ULEZ compliant bike?..


It’s a scrappage scheme rather than a trade in one.

So once they’ve taken your car & given you the money, I guess it’s up to you to decide what you want to spend it on - car, motorcycle, smarties, coke & hookers…

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Hmmm ok,

Seems to be worded as scrappage of older vehicle to assist purchase of new?.

Clear as mud as is the norm sadly, when I get a hour tomorrow I will go through it…

Thought we’d been here before, the not so small print…

The ULEZ Car and motorcycle scrappage scheme is open to those who live within the 32 London boroughs or the City of London and receive certain means-tested and non means-tested disability benefits. They will be able to apply for a grant to scrap vehicles that don't meet the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) emissions standards.