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I’ve got my reply stating the exemption for my bandit; I think its a per bike basis; so I guess we’ll see come April.

I can’t see it being anything other the bike by bike exemption despite if mines ok then so would all the other same bikes. They probably bought a Euro3 database and any exemptions are just add ons.

I do wonder how long this exemption will last before they change the levels, what the measure or just insist on Euro testing compliance.

Been there and done that. Rode in and out of the ULEZ Charge Zone without incurring a penalty or ticket.

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but is the database updated with your reg number? The database still hasn’t got my number although I have a tfl letter.

Yes the database has been updated with my old crock which shows up on the ULEZ checker as not being subject to the ULEZ charge and that I do not need to take any further action.

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Are there facilities where you could test your NOX and have it certified

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May look into this once I’ve paid the 300 notes to sort my electrics

The vehicle check website has changed a bit ,it now has an option to upload your certificate of conformitory or log book to prove your bike meets the conditions,why we have to prove it I don’t know,it should be up to tfl to implement it fairly and not be charging bikes that meet the conditions,anyway as I’m still not in the country I can’t get access to my log books to check or prove anything.

Just got round to submitting these silly forms to prove what they already really know,the 06 cbr will pass ,be interesting to see what comes back on the 99 plate 600cc hornet.

Submitted mine late on Wednesday night. It was all done & the database updated by TFL less than 24 hours later!

When I sent in my CofC it took around 3 weeks to appear on the database but that was before the implementation of the ULEZ charge. Now that TfL are sending out demands for payment with menaces I’m guessing they have to get their finger out because they may have some duty of care to ensure they don’t harass folk who have already proven their vehicle meets the set standard.

You know there will be some small print somewhere saying, don’t go in until you see the DB updated.

I take it you mean that’s submiting coc form to tfl…I have only just applied to Honda for 2 coc forms yesterday.

Yeah, that was for TFL to do their thing. It took 3 weeks to get the CoC from Yamaha.

How long have you all found it takes to get a CoC from Honda? Requested one online about a month ago, and had nothing back yet…

Got mine from Hond 48 hours after requesting it. Since it was posted that’s impressive.

TFL took over a month to update the online DB but since I had an email from them confirming I was exempt I wasn’t bothered about it.

CofC from Honda via Royal Mail 7 days

Gets fucking worse for me …Honda have informed me any vehicle older than 2001 cannot get a Coc form as nox was never measured on vehicles older than this and Coc forms only started in 2001.

If it is in relation to getting confirmation of negative emission values in regards to the ULEZ that was introduced in central London, we would not be in a position to provide the values as they only started to be measured after the Conformity certification was introduced, hence why we would not have this information available to provide. In case you would still like to have these measured, we would advise getting in touch with the DVLA so they can suggest an institution that can carry out type approval procedures. That would involve testing the bike with specialised measuring equipment so they can calculate the exact negative emission values for you. Once they have had the chance to do that, they would then be in a position to issue an official document stating the exact figures that they have recorded that you can provide to TFL as proof, in case they are below the 0.15 g/km NOx limit that TFL have set. I hope this helps.

Thank you for contacting Honda UK. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Kind Regards,

Yavor Dishev

Honda Customer Service


So probably not much chance of Yamaha giving a positive response for my 1997 thundercat but may get some joy from BMW for the f650 cs from 2002.