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_"… a loophole in the ULEZ requirements. It came to light after the Motorcycle Action Group met with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and pushed for the concession."

HA!, What a bunch of duplicitous lying charlatans.

A small number of vehicles that comply with the most recent Euro standard will have been sold before it became mandatory for vehicles off the production line. These are referred to as ‘early adopters’. These vehicles may have been registered up to a year earlier and so may be compliant from up to a year earlier than is shown in the table.

That is what TfL said in the explanation for the original ULEZ consultation. Not even buried in the details. In 2014. When Boris Johnson was mayor.

But sure, well done getting a “concession” from the mayor to do the thing he was already doing to create a “loop hole” which they have openly and publicly always proclaimed as being how it works. Very well done to them for their efforts.

I am not blaming you for neither knowing or caring to check, Ben_Sir_Amos, but this is how the world is ending up in the mess caused by Trump and Brexit et al. Too many people blatantly lying because too many people happy to accept it. And MAG are sure happy to be the heroes of the beaten down biker who thinks TfL is out to get them.

Their claim is not even spin, it is in every sense an outright lie. It is time people started calling out things like that, and everyone else started thinking critically instead of refusing anything their perceived enemies say and accepting everything their chosen saviours tell them.

Glad you will still get to ride your bike without paying.


I was just replying to someone who was asking and that was the easiest link already in the thread so I’m not bothered if you blame me. MAG did nothing much - except publicise the method of ensuring exemption from the charge for which they deserve credit.

But I’ve been chasing TfL for answers for some time because their database kept changing its mind about what was compliant and what was not. I am a little peeved that I was encouraged to get a certain type of car through a reduced road tax, I look after it - and now they decide they don’t want me driving it in London.

The Bandit won’t get ridden much (I need something newer anyway) - but as I live inside the expanded ULEZ zone I wanted to know whether I could keep it after April 2021.

And I hope I live longer because of the reduced emissions


I’ve got a 2005 scooter so I’m giving this a go - Piaggio want 80 euros for the compliance certificate. Worth it though if it avoids me having to get a new one so fingers crossed


Before you part with your hard earned

  1. Check the emissions section of the V5 (log book) if section V.3 NoX (g/km or G/kWh) is shown as 0.15 or less you just need to submit a copy of the V5.

  2. If section V.3 has been left blank as mine was, check the manufacturers original specification for NoX emissions. As above if NoX (g/km or G/kWh) is 0.15 or less then you’ll need the Certificate of Conformity to prove such to TfL

  3. If the NoX emissions are 0.16 or greater don’t bother with the Certificate of Conformity as it will only prove that the bike is subject to the ULEZ charge.


Had to resend the email to them today as two weeks passed and no reply ,yet they claim 5 to 8 days to answer your queries


12 days after submission for my 2007 registered Blackbird :

“Based on the information that you have provided we can confirm that your vehicle, registration XXXXXXX, meets the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) emissions standards. This means you will not need to pay an ULEZ charge to travel in the zone, from 8 April 2019.
The vehicle compliance database will be updated to reflect the correct details of your vehicle, before the scheme commences.”

The database is not updated yet.

Makes me wonder how tough it is if an 11 year old 1100cc bike which is built on technology from 20+ years ago gets through at half the permitted level of NOX!


Got my certificate from Piaggio - the Nox figure listed is 0.154 - I’d say that’s a pass as its 0.15 to 2 decimal places - lets see what TFL say


I’ve gone the opposite way and bought this which will be ULEZ exempt


Unfortunately seen a CoC for a Yamaha FZS600 - sadly 0.18g/km… :frowning: Oh well, I’ve sold it now and have the 2007 FZ6 S2 - would have been right pissed off to find out it was except after I’ve sold it!


Someone on an sv Facebook group has found the sv1000 to be compliant and got confirmation from tfl, do I need to do anything now or will it update their database for all sv1000s?


That’s a question several of us have been asking - and not got a coherent reply to. It’s only an email and a scan of your log book so you should just get it sorted to be on the safe side


As far as I know the exemption is updated by registration number not make/model.

I recently checked a handful of Honda CBF 1000’s from 2006 by registration numbers plucked from Autotrader the only one coming back as ULEZ compliant was the one I previously registered with TfL.


TfL = Money grabbing bastards

If a CBF1000 is compliant then update the database for all registration numbers for that model. It’s not difficult since they have access to the DVLA database.


It’s not in my v5, the other person has got a letter from Suzuki stating it


If ‘the letter’ from Suzuki is the Certificate of Conformity then it will only be accepted with the vehicles V5. This is so that Tfl can check the VIN across the two documents and update the database by way of the vehicle registration number.


That’s tricky then. The database still hasn’t been updated with my reg number so I can’t see them being very prompt in dealing with the other Bandits - I just don’t have any faith in them. But the CoC from Suzuki is £95.


I’ll wait and see them, three only time I go into the ulez is the occasional BM meet anyway


You could try asking your London Assembly Member to help you. If you live or work in Brent or Harrow, that would be Navin Shah. https://www.navinshah.com/

Note that he says “correspondence will be treated in the same way regardless of the method of contact and therefore emails may not receive an immediate response. I endeavour to reply to all contact within 10 working days.”

Navin Shah AM
London Assembly Member for Brent and Harrow
London Assembly Labour Group
City Hall
Telephone: 020 7983 4876
Fax: 020 7983 4415
[email protected]

He’s always been good with me

And you might find it more of a problem in a couple of years when the ULEZ zone is extended.


I live out in St Alban’s now, I’ll do it later once the system hasn’t got everyone else trying to do it (as I’m in no rush)