ULEZ: new bike


Btw mine is not compliant on the website yet either.


Or to look at it another way, they’re fucking it up just enough to ensure job security.


Well I’m not going to have to deal with any of this shit. Contracts exchanged and completion date for end of the month.


I sent off an email to Honda on Tuesday regarding my 2006 CBR1100XX Blackbird. I’ve received a printed certificate today. It is only 0.0750g/km so half the stated level. :smiley:


My 2003 CBR600RR came back from Honda with a Nox reading of 0.1290g/km how weird is that! Anyone have an idea of the timescale on hearing back from TFL in regards to an exemption cert? I also have a 2003 Blackbird, might find out the Nox on that too - will be an interesting comparison.


It took about 6 days for mine!


I made two enquiries to TfL with copies of Certificates of Conformity and V5’s attached, one took two weeks and the other six weeks. Depends where they are with their workload, I think they do this ULEZ stuff as a filler when what proper workload they have dries up.


Seems they were a lot quicker processing my CoC!


I’m guessing it’ll only get slower as more people apply


It only took a week for a TFL reply to come through to me. The 2005 Bandit meets the ULEZ emissions standard by the skin of its sprocket teeth. The NOx (g/km or g/kWh) is 0.15.

I only sent a scan of the V5C because a Certificate of Conformity from Suzuki costs 95 quid making the Honda price for a first CoC of fuck all sound very competitive.

This means that only the newest of my vehicles will be liable for the emissions charge - a 2007 diesel which only cost 35 quid a year for the road tax.

I love my Bandit


That’s the way to do it. If the exhaust emissions are shown on the V5 (page 2, section V) you don’t need the Certificate of Conformity. The 250’s V5 exhaust emission section has been left blank, God bless Honda for providing the certificate as a courtesy, although note if a previous owner requested a Certificate they’ll bend you over for 75 hard earned for a second certificate.

You could have used ULEZ as an excuse to upgrade to that 1250, too late now.

I love the 250, sadly I can’t ride it for a couple of months :frowning:


I thought we had to wait for the TFL process. How do I submit my CoC and get the formal exemption?


see posts 13 and 34 above. Well done MAG


NT we will still get that 1250 - this one has done 70k and I’m looking to put it out to stud.


And why can’t you ride the 250. Have you got a ban?


There was nothing immediately obvious but exploring around the site I found this link :
https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/cc-contact-us-make-an-enquiry-wizard-37743 which I then also found in post 28. (Doh!) :slight_smile:

I have submitted my enquiry with supporting documentation (V5 and CoC).

Fingers crossed.


Glad I came across this! Hopefully I’ve submitted the enquiry correctly and my 05 Bandit will be in the same boat as @Ben_Sir_Amos


How do you get the nox level, apparently the sv1000 is 0.14, do might pass


it’s on your registration doc. At the bottom of page 2. The Bandit is 0.15 which is a pass so yours should be fine.