ULEZ - if your bike is not Euro3, check NOx emissions

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Not sure if it was mentioned before, but if your bike does not quite meet euro3, there is a chance that it still might be exempt from ULEZ charge.

I’ve just followed the guide in the following article, sent a scan of my V5C and received a confirmation from TFL that my 2006 Suzuki SV650 is exempt, even though it does not meet Euro3.


Looks like the main criteria is NOx emission - it has to be below 0.15g/km to meet ULEZ requirements.

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bit late, this is already mentioned ULEZ: new bike

While I have you, where did you get your wing mirrors? I meant to ask last time I saw you…

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Glad to hear that people are already aware of it.

I got Mirrors on eBay, they are for Yamaha FZ1-N. Doubt they will fit your bike

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as see I thought you had lights on your ones.


I’ve added short led strips and sticked them with velcro.

Thanks for the tip, I was going to pay Suzuki £95 for the documentation confirmation, but found the NOx on the V5C for my Suzuki SV650 K5 2005 and it was under the limit, just waiting to hear back from TFL, I will post again if there are issues.

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Can we start a wiki in this forum? It would be useful to have a tabulated page where contributors assemble known examples of bikes that are ULEZ compliant but pre-EURO3 model year, table to be sorted by Manufacturer then Model then Year

e.g. Honda|VFR800|53MY

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Possibly. Someone would have to look over the Discourse (software the forum is based on) site and see what’s possible. I’m maxed out at the mo and don’t have time or head-space I’m afraid.

I’ll take a look this evening

Hi Jay, sorry for being late to respond on the wiki point.

It appears that if a new thread is opened, it can be made a wiki after the fact by an admin:

To create a table on that page, I believe we’d need the markdown plugin enabled - I can’t see an insert markdown button here anywhere but I’ve not read the documentation to be sure