ULEZ - if your bike is not Euro3, check NOx emissions


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Not sure if it was mentioned before, but if your bike does not quite meet euro3, there is a chance that it still might be exempt from ULEZ charge.

I’ve just followed the guide in the following article, sent a scan of my V5C and received a confirmation from TFL that my 2006 Suzuki SV650 is exempt, even though it does not meet Euro3.

Looks like the main criteria is NOx emission - it has to be below 0.15g/km to meet ULEZ requirements.


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bit late, this is already mentioned ULEZ: new bike

While I have you, where did you get your wing mirrors? I meant to ask last time I saw you…


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Glad to hear that people are already aware of it.

I got Mirrors on eBay, they are for Yamaha FZ1-N. Doubt they will fit your bike


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as see I thought you had lights on your ones.


I’ve added short led strips and sticked them with velcro.