ULEZ extension

I’ve seen some black posts, blacked out signage and black ANPR cameras in place for the 25th October ULEZ extension but does anyone know how they will operate?

Do TfL’s ULEZ ANPR cameras only collect details of the vehicles entering and leaving the ULEZ zone?

What if an owner runs a non ULEZ compliant vehicle without ever leaving or entering the ULEZ zone, how will that be detected?

Are TfL’s automatic fixed penalty notice issuing systems compatible with the 1,000’s of ANPR cameras already in operation within the A406/205 ring road?

I’m assuming here what you are saying is, if you live inside the zone and run around inside without going out of it, the yes you are highly likely to trigger a camera somewhere and will be required to pay and would be caught by ANPR as they will all be linked.

A letter from the DVLA landed on the door mat this morning advising me that TfL have included my car registration number on a list sent to the DVLA for them to advise me on behalf of TfL that my car doesn’t meet TfL’s UEZ standards and that from the 25th October 2012 I’ll be liable to a £12.50 daily charge if I drive my car anywhere within the TfL ULEZ zone.

Anyone else received such letters?

Annoyingly when I check my car at ULEZ expansion - Transport for London the viewable part of the page informs me of the Congestion Charge, not what I was looking for! The ULEZ charge information is easy to miss if you do not have the presence of mind to scroll down.

Sounds like you’re about to get a big bill if it has arrived 9 years late!

Joking aside, I clicked your link, they have changed it from when I last used it. So as I see now, when you check it will tell you which of the charges apply, i.e. CC, LEZ, ULEZ etc. My car shows as CC no ulez, my bike shows as nothing at all.

Also, just ran a plate I know is not compliant and that showed CC and ULEZ

Make sense? so what you see on there is what your car will be liable to be billed for.

Well spotted 2021 it should be.

My car shows as CC and ULEZ in that order. My point was the link is specifically for the ULEZ expansion zone yet it lists the CC zone first and in my case the ULEZ information is out of sight until I scroll. Just checked it again and its clearer the second time, seems I need to pay more attention.

The headline for the car comes back as ‘Two charges apply to this vehicle: If you drive within one or more of the charging zones shown, you need to pay a daily charge.’

The headline for The 250 comes back as ‘No charges apply to this vehicle. You do not need to pay a daily charge when driving in London.’

Off topic but I just got my letter from Honda yesterday confirming my 06 cbr conforms,just need to send it TfL now👍

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May want to blot out chassis number and reg now i have cloned your bike …


It’s up for sale not my bike for much longer​:+1::+1: