UK Road Noise Limit

does anyone know what it is?

whatever the officer deems to be too loud.

I think the deal is that the Policeman will give you a notice that the bike needs to be noise tested: you get it through the test, then rock up at the Police station with proof of passing, with or without your db killers in.

I’ve had bikes that fail a trackside test (105db limit - 111db bike) pass an MoT easily. My 749R fails both, but that’s about 118db. Pretty loud really.

118db!! jesus! are you deaf yet?!?


i think it all depends really… if ur riding a harley the rozzers probably wouldnt give a flying ****! any other bike thats when u have to start worrying

I’ve heard (but could be wrong) that its based on what you’re bike is as standard, therefore anything louder than the standard pipes will be technically illegal.

This would pretty much apply to anyone whose put an aftermarket exhaust on (including me :w00t:), so the trick (if this is true) is not to attract attention in the first place with outrageously loud pipes.

WHAT??? :smiley: The cars do kind of hear me coming…

Edited for you :hehe:

According to my friendly MOT engineer its what is ‘acceptable’ the police can only do you if your can has the words similar to ‘for race use only’ or ‘not for road use’ although they could give you a prohibition notice which requires an MOT test…

My work here us done :smiley:

Just because it passes an MOT doesn’t mean it’s legal.

The EU (and therefore UK) exhaust noise regulations specify the following limits for motorcycles first used on or after 01/04/91 :

Up to & including 80cc - 77dB
Between 80 & 175cc - 79 dB
Over 175cc - 81 dB

but at what revs? and what distance?

I beleive noise limits are taken straight from the can:w00t:

Noise limits are specified:

I think as long as you use a road can you be ok.

118db for a bike!! that is loud!!

Went to a supercar event the other day where they were noise testing the reving cars, the CCX was measured at 134db!!!

admittedly this was the mike right next to the exhaust and at fairly high revs…but was loud!!

Got the certificate that came with the new bike and it has;

Stationary: 90 db(A) at engine speed: 4125 1/min

Drive by: 79 db(A)

So no idea at what speed/revs the drive by is tested at.

Bike is KTM 990 Adventure with standard cans

I can’t believe and Ducati is below 81db, but as said above it depends on where the reading is taken and at what revs.

My monster was tested at Cadwell at 4k revs. Had the baffles in and registered 104db (road legal EU stamped etc Leo Vince can with decat pipe)

To quote VOSA -

“the precise regulations for motorcycle exhausts are complex and it is recommended that they are studied closely to obtain accurate and complete details of the requirements”

In practice, if the bike is standard, or has an exhaust clearly stamped to show it is compliant, has not been modified, and the exhaust is in good condition and doesn’t blow, you will, for all practical purposes, be legal.