UK Off-Road schools ??

Can anyone recommend a UK [preferably south-east] off-road school or ‘off-track’ days ? I’m a complete novice but keen to get some off-road experience over the autumn & winter. Thanks for any tips.

I did a day at trailworld a couple of years back and really enjoyed it–trailworld-off-road-motorcycle-school

I’m off to Golding Barn when I get time between work & family, I’ve heard good things about that too - a quick search of the forum should find the relevant posts

A few of us have been to Golding Barn for a Yamaha Offroad Experience day… Quite a few threads on it but different times :slight_smile:

Pretty fun days out and good to thrash someone else’s bike around…

did a day out with steve in Alton a couple of years ago (gosh time fly’s) and had a fantastic day going around the greenlanes

nice chap too!

I wish I’d be sent to an off road school, instead of that bloody comprehensive they put me in. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done both these and can recommend them…

  • Golding Barn Yamaha Offroad Experience day, in Sussex. (twice)

  • Trailworld off road school day, in Herts. (once)

Both are ok for novices as well as the more experienced.

The Yamaha one is more scrambling, (i.e. circuits with lots of jumps),
and is fast and fun.

While the trailworld one is more trials, (i.e. dips, ditches, ruts and
hills, green lanes) and can be a bit more technical.

Use the forum search for more details, I’m pretty sure I posted
about them both at the time.