UK Marriage

I was just wondering what are the corerct steps to follow as a British citizen marrying a Romanian citizen which is in the UK already? I looked on the home office website and it is a mission to find anything, I called them and you get about 100 options which eventually hang up on you, when you speak with someone they have no idea… Also what are the rights you get once married?

Was hoping some of you guys know a bit more.

Try contacting your local Registrar’s office (the council switchboard will give you the number)

i would have thought if the person in the uk already is here legally (which i presume is the case) then you get married in the normal way, in the normal steps.

If you cannot do this, and if you are getting married purely for love and wanting to be married, it might be easier if you get married in the other persons home country.

Automated phone systems are a real pain in the backside to negotiate.

I hate council/government run phone lines. I was on the dole for a few months between finishing uni and finding a job… When I called them to tell them I had found work… no one answered the phone! After a week of trying a few different numbers daily, I just called an unrelated department and told them my problem, and they sorted it. Lame phone systems.

huh, maybe I shoudl try again until I get to someone that knows something. I want to know since Bulgaria and ROmania don’t have full rights yet, can stay in the UK free but cannot work properly, self emplyed only.

I am more interested if she can get full rights, she has been here since 2003 so I would say she paid more than enough taxes:) but would prefer to get a proepr job in the field that she is qualified.

I hope it all works olut for you. I think someone on this forum should be able to help you as there are some very knowledgable people when it comes to the law on here :slight_smile:

Just glad c_mb2006 isnt around anymore to go off on one :smiley:

try not choosing any of the options on the phone line, sometimes that works, and it transfers you

try dialling 0 if its not an option. After that, its +1 to Janus’s comment

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I would try to contact the local registrar office and ask, or even apply.
Contacting homeoffice is a waste of time.

I’ve been trying to find out which nationality my son has as he’s born here and both parents are permanent residents in the UK, and EU but not UK citizens. Having tried to get any sensible answer from the homeoffice has been a waste of time so far. The answer was basically, either apply for a passport and see what happens. It doesn’t seem the most efficient way of finding the answer to something that should be quite simple.

Yeah I think you said it right, so she could apply for her passport due to the 5 year rule or get married, but if you get married apaprently no one knows what happens. She has also passed the British test thing but not much clear what is the best option.

Sounds like the HomeOffice don’t even know their own rules xD

First of all I am EU citizen and so I dont need permits to stay here and my wife is out of EU.

When we were getting married I was looking to do it in here Camden registrars office. The only requirement for her were that she needed birth certificate and a proof that she is not married in her country and be in the country for two weeks.

That two weeks stay was not good for us at that time so we decided to get married in Finland in the end.

Anyway now she can stay in the country under married peoples spouse visa and work. So in the end it was quite simple. Just getting the info was a hassle.

So there shouldnt be any problem for her if you are entitled to stay here. Just contact your local registrar and they are able to give proper answer, rather than waste time for home office.

Maybe the Romanian embassy/consulate would know, as no doubt others have done the same thing.

I married a Bulgarian 5 yrs ago, in Bulgaria. The marriage is recognised by the UK. That enabled her to get a visa to stay in UK for up to two years I think. After a couple years I she applied for the Right to Remain and we had to prove that we were still married and living together (to prevent shams). She still has a BG passport, if she wants a UK passport, she will need to do the nationality test and apply for one. The law was fairly well explained on the Home Office website at the time, not sure about now. Hope this helps.

All good info, better than on the home office website or their people on the phone. I willc all teh embassy and then the local registar and se what happens… or she could do her tax for last year then apply under the 5 year rule and no marriage… yes yes cold feet:D as Janus pointed out.

Just one question - are you both over the age of 21 ?

I know that there have been a number of cases recently where people under the age of 21 have married, but then the foreign spouse has been unable to get a UK visa so both parties have had to leave the UK.

Yeah unfotyunatelly we are over 21:D… hope she doesn’t see this lol, wouldn’t mind a 20 year old.