U Turning Van - Claims Another Victim

never thought of that…

I don’t know why I did either, to be honest.

embarasing confession time

Years ago I used to take my 11 year old nephew to his saturday morning job on the back of my trusty (huh!) Moto Guzzi 250TS.

He loved it but to take his mind off the cold I used to do a “Battle of Britain” commentary over the helmet intercom.

" Acheving 40 mph now approaching roundabout - into 2nd gear lorry at 3 O’clock - accelerate - pass lorry - right - right - Cortina at 12 o’clock passing now - Transit at 9 o’clock, slow, drop to 3rd" etc etc etc.

Apart from being a load of old tosh and keeping him interested it did sharpen my “sense of the road”.

ps - when he grew up he never showed any interets in bikes though - did his uncle put him off?



Yep, I know it ‘works’, I’ve tried it (in fact, it slows me down some because there’s too much going on to comment on it all above certain speeds), but commentary is not going to stop the inevitable.

Battle of Britain? lol. “Firing guns now, now, now”. How I wish I could be able to say that on the streets of London. “Leaving flaming wreckage of New Mini behind me.”