U-turning a motorcycle

I never realised this, but check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM4YrRjKVUc and watch between 4.25 and 5.10. I cannot believe I didn’t know this!


I cannot believe you did not know it either! It is an essential part of moto gymkharna.

For some reason I cannot do u-turns. I had no problem with them on mod 2, so it is either something about my bike, or because it is not someone else’s bike. Or probably both.

I think we probably all know this… but as with most things, it’s not really that essential in every day riding so you end up forgetting abou it. Unlike the test or motogymkhana, you always have a chance to do a three point turn.

Speak for yourselves:


This was the first time I started up the bike after a year.

Worst U-turn I have ever seen, you ended up facing the same direction as you started!



You’ll never make PM with U-turns like that!


I saw this a few days ago and was quite surprised at the difference. He was however doing that on an empty, dry and clean road. Try that between kerbs, wet leaves on the ground, a pillion and luggage, cars and pedestrians moving around you and you might want to keep the bike upright, drag the rear brake, rev the engine, slip the clutch…and bingo!

I’ve got no problems doing u turns in shit conditions, or even on gravel. My low speed skills are very good.

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@1:01 the smile of success

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The smile of being back on a bike after more than 12 months.

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Bret’s great, he was brilliant on mototrek

This is great! And I definitely did not know any of it. Thank you for sharing.