…Seriously y’all - Can you U-Turn sports bikes (the likes of … well Sports Bikes) on your average road ?

I struggled with mine, and I’m in need of a bike that i can do it easily enough on, so i can go do my DAS

Why do think they make you push it round 1st??? because if it dont go round you dont do it…

just when you need a “hands in shaky head emoction”

Practice is the only way.I suggest you find a road near your gaff which you know to be quiet and just keep on turning till you perfect it.Do that for at least 5 minutes every day till your test and good luck.

Make sure the road is narrow incase the examiner stitches you up

Sportsbikes are crap to do it on…dont do it on your own cos if you drop it it’ll be expensive

Better to use one in more of an upright position so you can balance your weight out evenly.

Your average sportsbike will turn in a basic road.

keep it upright and most importantly of all twist your head right round and look at the opposite side of the road…

avoid ‘target fixation’ by staring a couple of feet in front of your tyre (where most look!!)

where you ‘look’ is where you normally end up!

and use the back brake to keep the speed down.

best practice is to find a car park and turn between two points…well apart to start with then decrease as you suceed each turn.

it’s belief that most people lack, not ability.

It’s possible with practice, though it gets harder on some sports bikes as they have awful amounts of lock and the only way to turn them more is to do it quicker and lean over more.

this is gonna sound really stupid why dont you go to a riding school pay for a days training to iron out any bad habits then do the test the next day and use there bike, hey you might even learn summin you never know they may even tell you how to put your avatar up the right way…



hehehe thats debatable

We have had this discussion before in other forums and its a bit of an urban myth why indeed they make you push u-turn the bike. In my case, I had to first do the u-turn and THEN do a push u-turn at my test.

My instructor told me afterwards, that there is this story circulating amongst riding school that goes something like this: Some time ago, you pulled over on a quiet stretch of road with the examiner behind you. Then you were asked to do a u-turn which made you face the opposite direction to the examiner. So, that meant that he had to do a u-turn himself so you both are facing the same way and carry on with the test. There was this incident, where the pupil put his/her foot down (and failed) but also the examiner accidentaly put his foot down (after all we are only human). So the pupil complained to the DSA saying something along the lines “If he cannot do it either why should I fail?”. I dont know what happened to him, but after that incident the DSA has given guidelines so such an incident does not happen again.

As I said this is something of an urban myth and I am not sure if it is true. It does make sense though. As does the idea of doing the push u-turn first to prove to the student that indeed the bike can take the turn and he/she does not complain afterwards. I am only saying that during my test I had to do the push u-turn at the end, which is strange indeed

What do you guys think?

Think its bollox i was told if you cant push it round he wont make you do it there, maybe somewhere else but he is on ltd time so if it dont go round he wont bother… ya probably write in a way as i doubt they would turn those tanks they ride round in the average side street

I thought the idea of pushing the bike round first, was to prove that it could get round. So if you put your foot down and fail, you can’t use the excuse that the road wasn’t wide enough.

I think the general agreement with examiners is that the road used should be no less than eight good paces wide.

but then again…dont most examiners use the same two or three spots of road to do the u-turns? I am pretty sure they know if the bike can go round and they dont need to prove anything.
As I said, its one of these topics we have discussed at length at another forum and there was no conclusion.

I just wonder, has anyone experienced what I have? Do the u-turn first and THEN the push u-turn. Or perhaps, not do the push u-turn at all

i dont give a **** really i passed my test a beard ago… crack on Hambley buy a gixxer and do ya test on it…

I don’t and I won’t (unless I get lost with Andrew directions and “have to”

Before riding about with him i hadn’t done one since my test. I hate doing it, think its something to do with turning the bike to the right (bringing your throttle hand towards you) feels wierd. Get the practice for your test but after that you WILL get used to manovering the bike by hand while stood next to it.

lately I have been surprised at the amount of people who say they can’t manover it about unless sat on it… i can’t, height disadvantage here

I like to practice mine in front of Taxis!

I’m dead good at 'em now. I usually shout “Now you know how it feels!” as I whizz out from the kerb.

In case they don’t hear me, I usually shout it a few more times as they carry me into the ambulance.

Another good tip is when doing the ridden U-Turn to roll straight forward for a bit 1 to 1 1/2 meters, it gets the momentum up and makes the turn a lot easier.

As for pushing bikes, I hate pushing mine without being on it, it’s a tall bike and all the times bar 2 that I’ve dropped it I’ve not be on.


umm you havent passed your test yet?

im well and truly lost… with you.

i was just thinking the same ad??? didn’t you pass your test the 3/4 weeks ago???

with the u-turns…hold your front brake and put your weight toward the front of the bike, rev the balls off it and dump the clutch now push the bike in the direction you wanna turn!

Maybe the avitar is meant to be that way flats, cos i sometimes wonder if Hambley is serious or is he on a wind up here on the forum?

Really, why the hell do you need to ask this forum, if you can U turn a bluddy sports bike when you aint even done your DAS yet? Thats like buying a pair of lace up boots when you dont know how to tie a frigging lace !!

Like i said before, common sense rules !!!.. Sorry, but come ON !!! What do YOU think Hambley? Do you think you can take a good ol sports bike on your test and do a U ey?..impress em wouldnt it? your first test, you all nervous, as we are on something like that…and then hey presto, the time comes for him to ask you to start on one side of the road and turn and face the other way, on the other side of the road?..and you start off, all nervous like…begin the turn, and …DOH…my bikes a sports bike and wont turn like a 125 !!! NO really??? well well, you learn something every day…

Sorry yes i am being a patronising old cow…but why do you need to ask anyone on this forum a oh so simple thing like that? …and HEY if you are confident to do your test on a sports bike…500 or whatever? and all goes well…then i owe you a drink…if anything to shut you up with the questions !!..(smiile)

So you do actually have to push it around a U-turn in the bike test ? Bizzarre !

When I read Flat’s initial comment about doing it I thought he was just being sarcastic !

Ya live & learn…

practise by riding round in a circle until you get the steering on to the lock stop then lean it in with body as counter weight till the footpeg touches the ground, if you dont fall off you will probably be quite good at u turns…

not meaning to cause offence to anyone, but surely everyone should be able to do u-turns confidently, if you cant control a bike at slow speed how do you think you are gonna control it at high speed?