U-turn across a bus lane - Lambeth can't wait to fine me

A bit more on my third point: “t will not normally be necessary to provide a sign where the bus lane is on the opposite side of the major road; in most cases the presence of the continuous line to diagram 1049 and a sign to diagram 959 should give adequate warning”

Diagram 959 is the blue bus sign, which isn’t present after the start of the bus lane, which wouldn’t be necessary if there wasn’t a turn possible.

Actually, looking at google maps, I can’t see any glaringly obvious mistakes on which to appeal.

There are bus/cycle/taxi signs on the feeder traffic lights themselves so they have probably got you there.

Ha ha, I don’t believe you are even asking?

this is obvious due to the yellow line and not the double reds, he would not have seen any bus lane signs seeing as he didn’t enter bus lane coming down the road itself.

The signs on the feeder lights, AFAIK, aren’t compliant. 1) They’re bus gate signs, not bus lane signs. 2) Even as bus gate signs I believe they’re not the right size.

Bus gate signs? what made you think you could of gone through that?

I do hope you get off the fine as it’s an arse paying out for stuff like this but sometimes you’ve got to except the mistake.

Here’s my informal appeal…

I have received the PCN numbered above and write to appeal the charge.

I would ask that you review the video and use your discretion to cancelthe charge on the following grounds:

Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions(TSRGD) 2002 – the video shows the vehicle turning from the opposite side.Where a right turn is possible into a bus lane on the offside, guidanceindicates that there should be the presence of a solid white line AND blue buslane sign, referred to as Diagram 959. The combination of these two roadmarkings & signs should provide adequate warning of a bus lane –particularly in this case, one not open to motorcycles. Without this sign it isconfusing for motorcyclists turning right from a side entrance or road, acceptingthat in many bus routes in Lambeth motorcyclists are permitted to use buslanes, to know how to progress. This is supported by Chapman vs Lambeth (CaseReference: 2120298306) at this same junction it was noted that: “Mr Chapman crossed over to make a left handturn at the traffic lights with no warning that he was entering into a buslane. He saw only the green filter lights indicating what he believed to be apermitted left hand turn. The only bus lane warning was a tiny circular signbeneath the green filter light. A motorist could not hope to see that signbefore it was too late to avoid the left turn. It was “too little too late”.The signage was not in my view adequate to warn a motorist against a left handturn into the bus lane.”2. Busgate sign on traffic signal – confusion is further compounded by a blue bussign on the traffic signal, referred to as Diagram 953 by TSRGD 2002, which, itis noted by the Directives, “May be usedonly in combination with Diagram 953.2.” Diagram 953.2 is not present, norcan I find any indication that Diagram 953 is permissible to be used inconjunction with a traffic signal at a bus lane. It is further noted thatDiagram 953 used on the traffic sign is not of the correct dimension asstipulated in TSRGD 2002 so as to be compliant. It should also be noted that abus gate offence would be offence code 33, dealt with by criminal proceedings,not code 34 which may be dealt with by civil proceedings.De minimis – Schedule 1 of the TrafficManagement Order relating to this bus lane identifies that the bus lane ends “atthe south-eastern extremity of the island site”, therefore the motorcycle travelledapproximately 0.5-1m in the bus lane. However, upon realising that themotorcyclists may have entered a bus lane, the junction provides no safe possibilityfor remedial action – the island preventing a return to the middle lane. Thefootage shows that no advantage was gained and that the distance travelled inthe bus lane was trivial, but necessary for safety. Having reviewed these three key points I would be grateful if Lambethused its discretion in cancelling the charge.

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Let us know how you get on.
Good luck :slight_smile: