RE Dunlops - I had 207s on my CBR for years and got used to the way they flipped from upright to serious lean. The Sportsmarts and I believe Roadsmarts are much more round with a very constant transition between upright and cranked over. Pilot Pures are very nice, but I knackered the front quickly and picked up a puncture in the rear.

The 2CTs are very good when they’re new, but the front ‘steps’ very quickly and gives less feedback as they wear.

And D, that XT with Diablos - in the wet, you could get the back out nicely! And in the dry too, thinking about it…

Bloody good tyres mate, don’t take any notice of the brand monkeys:P Had them on my GSX R750 after seeing reviews on a Gixxer site and loads of people used them on their Gixxers for track days and everyday riding. Very confidence inspiring once you get over the initial shock of how quickly they drop into a corner. Also used the touring rear during winter without any issues. Have heard they don’t suit big heavy tourers though.
I’ll probably buy a set for the German trip later this year if the Road Smarts are wearing down.

+1 for Sportsmarts.

Very confidence inspiring… especially last week! :ermm:
(Where’s that ‘shite myself’ emoticon)


yes, I forgot - the third day I had them, it was proper biblically wet. The guy in front jumped on the brakes and I swear the ktm did a rolling stoppie at 50mph. Amazing!

they do form a ridge or step, but its normally when they are knackered anyway? from what i have found using them.