Diablo corsa’s.
been running them from 2 years, never let me down, usually get 8000 miles out of them.

I had bt21s great on bt 23s great, lots of people say they go out of shape, and go for avon storms, for me bt23s, as long as you keep the psi right,:smiley:

Continental Road Attacks were my choice on the 7r for a good few years - Charlie uses them as he has posted, plus a certain Nick Saunders uses them to go around the World on (albeit sponsored but he’s no mug) so I’ve been very happy with them, plus they’re a little cheaper than most.

However the last change was onto Dunlop Roadsmarts as the guys I use http://www.motorcycletyresuk.com/ recommended them as being even better. The mags seem to agree with me, although the latest Michelin all-rounder seem to get the nod at the moment.

For me, these sport/touring tyres are perfect. Yes you can get grippier rubber but unless you’re doing trackdays a lot I’m not convinced most sports tyre riders really need what the sporty end of the tyre range offers. A Fazer 600 certainly isn’t likely to benefit from the super sports tyres, so a S/T tyre will be great. Yesterday on a slippy trip to Camden through London there was never a hint of drama from the tyres despite some hamfistedness from me after several months off the bike. And god knows what pressures I have at the mo too.

I like the Continentals and Dunlops because they have a rounder profile for better turn in, some S/T types can be quite flat in profile which means they turn slower. But all will give 8000’ish miles from a rear providing you’re not at Santa Pod too often.

how do you manage that:w00t:

I was thinking that. I used to get less than half of that from them on my XT660. Never liked them too much in the wet either.

I was going to get the Sportsmarts for the superduke, but Bob at FWR said there really was no point unless most of my riding would have been trackdays in the inters or advanced group. He reckoned the Road Pilots were going to be better. So I reckon if a tyre salesman advices me on a tyre which is going to make him less money (I susect the road pilot will last at least double of what the sportsmarts would have), he can be trusted :wink:

Well the Pilot road 3s have lost their cherry and are free of chicken strips and I mean free of chicken strips, not bad for a wet afternoon.:smiley:

Personally won’t touch Dunlop. Hate them.

Reading in the press the new Road Pilot 3 are supposed to be one of the best tyres for all weather riding. And it would seem they have the Jets approval.

Personally I have Pilot2 and do like them.

Done Continental Road Attacks, Diablos and Avon Storms recently but they are not so good in the wet. The mich PR2s and the Dunlop Roadsmarts are both excellent tyres for the road , wet and dry. PR2 last longer (20%) but the front wore too heavily on the sides for me and the handling went off. Roadsmarts have very nice handling and wear evenly except square off a bit too readily on the rear. I have heard good things about the PR3 so they are going on in a couple of weeks. I wouldnt bother with sports tyres as sport tourings are good enough for all road use ( and warm up quicker) and I like 6000+ miles from a back tyre :slight_smile:

Looks like the Pilot Road 3’s are in the lead, with the Dunlop Roadsmarts coming up behind in second… :slight_smile:

Hahaha do you know Bob, blokes a complete nutter on a bike, and thats in a good way:D

Bloke here at work went to FWR on friday and fitted a set of Maxxis to his R6. When i asked why Maxxis, he stated that he managed to get 6000 miles from the rear and the front was as good as new. When i went to look at the state of his tyres i was amazed at the life left in the front, hardly touched. Now he used to commute from essex to osterley daily and the journey involved long stretches of the A13 and loads of filtering through central london. He paid £90 for the rear fitted, ride in ride out i believe, so not expensive either. Maybe worth a try.

Does not surprise me at all. He used to have a well sorted Triumph Scrambler, which I’m sure would embaress a fair few sportsbike riders on his commute to work :PI always find him very nice to deal with though, you never really know with sales people, but for some reason I always have respect for his opinion.

Absolutely, these guys know what they are on about and as you say, if he recommends a tyre which isn’t the most expensive it is worth listening too. Plus different bikes will prefer different tyres too. What might work on my long and lardy 7r might not be at all the best choice on something lighter and more nimber.

Think Bike mag have just tested these tyres and pretty much it’s Michelin then Dunlop.

And sure Kev, I’ve hated Dunlop for many years but seems they’ve not been idle in the recent past. Forgive them the 207, and move on I say!

anybody ever had maxxis supersport tyes i have herd people chat about them and put them down but only because there cheap chatted to a couple of people who have had them and they seem to have been pleased with them

just because there cheap dont make them bad does it, or theres not alot of markup as compared to more exspenssive ones which would not surprise me

Don’t ask Ratty :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve not tried them, but don’t think they’d be bad for commuting or even fast road riding. Don’t think I’d trust them on a track day though.

not sure, i always got that mileage out of my tires…i think its because i use the engine breaks a lot, my front brake a lot lot and i weight less than 55kg :Pps. i had to leg it from the storm that hit me while in surrey yesterday afternoon, was 70 miles from home and even at 90mph the tires felt like i was riding on a dry road.

It was the 207! And only if they are giving away free adult diapers. Don’t want to wash the trouser unnecessary again. :smiley:


lol my tyre dealer i use wont even stock maxxis…enough said.:D:P

they are well known in the moto-x/off road world, thop i have heard that thier road tyre’s have got better, but i wouldnt use them personally, tyres are what keep you in contact with the road, dont skimp on them.

my fave tyres are Michelin Pilots, The 2CT’s are superb, mega lean angles on road or track, grip in wet and dry condtions, good feedback from the tyres and a good life span, well my rear tyre doesnt last massively long, but then a big v-twin isnt kind on rear tyres anyway.

Continental tyres are also worth a look, the Road Attacks are great tyres, i used them while couriering in all sorts of conditions and had no problems, even survived a desiel spill and kept it upright:D seriously tho they are good, almost as good as the 2CT’s, Knee down and lots of lean present no problems, and again good feedback from the tyre.

the new 3CT Michelins are apprently the dog’s wotsits, they are next for me to try come spring:cool:

Got pirelli rossos on both bikes and quite happy so far.
Dont think they will last as long as the 2CTs (or the original bridgestones :Whistling:) but I dont really care if they warm up quicker and give me more confidence.

LoL yes it was, you’re right. See, so dreadful my mind had automatically blanked it out.

Seriously, the Roadsmarts are banging tyres and a huge surprise.