Yes I know this has been done a few times before, yes i have done a search but I’m after current opinions! :slight_smile:

I have a 99 Fazer 600, my first big bike. It came with Bridgestone 021’s.

Need to get a new set soon, touring style tyres as i ride in wet / dry / do lots of miles…

023’s? Road Pilots? Roadsmarts? Angel ST’s?

BT 023s are good and give a good milage but we`ve just got Road Pilot 3s for a change.

£221 fitted for a pair from Protyres.

I’ve got Pilot Road 2s on… done about 7K miles and still look to have plenty left… :slight_smile:

Also pretty good grip though as they are the first tyres on I don’t have something to compare them to

Yeah my mate’s been raving about his Pilot 2 for a while now, been looking at the 3 for myself possibly… Does it come Jets recommended?

Expecting to fork out some hefty dosh for a good set so price isn’t too much bother (not that I have much money to spare haha:w00t:)

Had the PR2s on my zzr600 which gave me more than 16k, then I tested the Bridgestone 023s and both types gave me very good handling and feedback. I am very happy with these two but curious about the Road 3s so when it’s time to change the tyres next i will try the Road3s:)

not sure what tyres i will put on my other beast tho…

Not the most convincing review.:smiley:

Just got a pair of Pilot Road 3s fitted today.
They feel funny, but I’ve only done 7 miles on them :smiley:

I’ll let you know what they’re like in a weeks time :wink:

corr dont you just love a good tyre topic :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

i need a new front bt021 anyone got an idea where i can get a good price :slight_smile:

Got Metlezer Sportec M5’s on, they’re good in all conditions I’ve tried them in so far!


I’m currently running continental road attacks and have to say they are pretty good. Nice feel from the front and no braking traction from the rear in the wet. Not sure I’m ever going to ever get more than 6k miles from any Tyres I use but i would guess I will see close to that which in my books is bloody good.

as far as I know Protyre’s are the most expensive shop for tyres…or at least the one in Enfield on the A10

They are not pee proof and somehow have a magnetism towards bushes… :stuck_out_tongue:

£221 for a pair of Pilot road 3`s (190s on the rear)

£200 for Bt 023`s (180s on the rear)

personally i have bt 023’s on my 01 fazer 600 and can’t fault them, much more confidence inspiring than the 021’s

Dunlop Sportsmarts on the KTM. Absolutely fantastic. Previously had Pilot Pures on, but they didn’t last too long. These things grip incredibly well from the first corner - confidence inspiring.

A buddy has then on his Multistrada and has over 4k miles with loads left.

Pirelli Diablo Strada

Great all round sports touring tyre, very grippy

At the end of the day you have to choose whatever feels best for you

Got a '99 Fazer too. Avon Storms are very very good - imho.

I have a 99 Fazer too.

Had road pilot 2’s for the last year and they lasted really well. Fitted Angel ST’s on for a change and they’re simply brilliant in compassion to the RP2 for me, especially in the wet.
The B23 is meant to be great too though

Speaking from someone who does 35k+ miles in and around London…Conti Road Attack 1 (not 2!) :wink: