I need to put some new tyres on my bike this week, and i’ve never had to do this yet(new bikes gone before this was due) does anyone know where i can get them done thats not too expensive, or if i supply can someone show me how to do them? I have seen some good deals on “the fast one”, but most places i know want to supply them aswell as fit?

Sean FWR has very good prices on tyres and if you take your wheels apart they will fit it for you for free. There’s been loads of issues with their services a you can see on name and shame but for sure they have one of the best prices.

I bought some pilot sport off the net - on special offer for £135, they were delivered within 2 days and just took the wheels to local tyre place to have the tyres fitted and balanced. They charged me £20 so got the pair fitted and balanced for total price of £155. I was quoted £190 by the place I had em fitted. Lot cheaper to get them off net.