Can anyone tell me roughly how many trackdays i could so on pirelli super corsa pros? So far done 2 1/2 days. Not the fastest rider but not the slowest. Mainly novice group riding.

Cheers, Dan.

It all depends on the abrassiveness of the surface, how hard you ride, how your suspension is set up, temperature etc etc. There is no definative answer mate. Only you can really judge how far they have gone.

What I will tell you though is that you really need to be counting heat cycles, thats what really kills tyres. When the tyre is made, it is its first heat cycle. The next time it is used, is its second heat cycle, the next the third etc etc. Many tyres do not work so well after a couple of heat cycles. Taking you are not using tyre warmers at the track, you will heat the tyre, it will cool, you will heat the tyre, it will cool etc etc. You will probably be doing seven sessions per day. So the tyre has already had multiple heat cycles, way more than recomended. Its better to change rubber than land up binning it because you have not.

thanks for that info chuffster. I know you say its hard to tell coz of the factors but how many track days use would you like to get out of a set?

Chuffster is bang-on there. I normally get three or four trackdays out of a pair, though it depends on the wear and conditions, as Chuffster says. I don’t ride as quick as B though