hey you lot.

got a 2006 ktm lc4 (twin exhaust model) looking at doing brands indy on it. It’s got standard rubber so was looking at something stickier. Off top of my head think front is 120/70 17 rear 160/60 17.

Used pirelli supercorsa or met renns on my old gixer for track days and they stuck like the proverbial. Any ideas on what is “good”? what’s the fave at the mo for people? where’s best price/place for fitting. (used to use watling in SE6)

was thinking of supercorsa pros or sportec m3.

your thoughts would help…



Hi Stu, ive just bought a KTM 690SMC thats shod with Pirelli Supercorsa Pro,s and i gotta say they are Superb, they warm up really quick and really are super sticky…I dont know what sort of miles i,ll get out of them cos im only up to 900 miles, but i,ll stick with these when they need changing…For the last few years i have stuck to Maxxi Goldspeeds or a mix of Maxxis and Avon PXR,s…But these Pirellis are Top Banana, and even a nob like me hangs off the bike with soooo much confidence:D:D…PS ,i tryed Metts once on a 525exc, they took ages to warm up which on a light Moto its gets very tricky if like me you are throttle happy, and i had the same problem with Michelin Pilots on my 650 Berg , they were even scarier:ermm:

Stick with what you familiar and comfortable with - seems like you had trust in the supercorsas and rennsports - I would say get a set of those fitted!

I’ve got Goldspeed streets on mine - they warm up real quick and are better in the wet than the SC’s or Renn’s. At this time of year with the weather still a little iffy I reckon proper supermoto tyres (such as the Goldspeeds) might be better for ya,

Once the weather gets consistent, I’ll probably try some SC’s out on my Berg.

Bottom Line, you need to tyres you, not necessarily anyone else, can trust. :slight_smile:

hi there new too the site but i think i have past a couple of you on the brands indy track day??

i have gold speed pre cut slicks http://www.aaa-racing.com/products.asp?category=S%2FM+Tyres&subcategory=Pre%2DCut+Slicks

with quick warm up and i think they look …and not a bad price :slight_smile:

cheers guys, some interesting points!

Will probably go for the pirellis. They wear out quicker but on the gixer they really did the business.

could do with a second set of wheels as well… better do some over time first!

last Q. any trusted tyre dealer/fitters you’d recommend?

look forward to bumping into you.


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