so far always had bridgestone and im happy with them now need back tyre any sugggestions dont really want to change the front yet

Depends what you want, what you ride and where you ride it.Answer the above and we can point you a bit further, some tyres will feel slippery in the dry and others will give you knee down in the wet…some last 1500 on a Busa, some will last 15,000 on a C9 :wink:

mostly dry miles only rain if im out im out dont mind damp mostly lanes a few motorways no trackdays and if it better to change both i will

What bike have you got, and what Bridgestones have you got already? If you are happy with them then swap the back for now and then change both when the next rear is done. Michelin Pilot Powers get good reviews on here, I’ve had the Michelin Road Pilot 2s before and marvelled at their longevity and grip.

On my GSXR 750 K1 I have had metzler Racetecs and love the grip they have, but not that good in the wet and the mileage isn’t great. Just put on a new K3 Interact and done one trackday on it, see how long it lasts!