Need to replace the rear tyre (Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier) on my Street triple and am looking for a place that can do the the whole thing and not charge the earth!

Based in North London, but ride into central London for work.

Thinking caps on guys - cheers!

ive heard good things about essential rubber!?


oh no wait, thats my -um- OTHER interest :w00t::hehe:

Ratty swears by them…

yes he does indeed. i’m heading over there myself tomorrow for a set of pilot road 2’s…stupid SV1000 tyre squaring beast:hehe:

Essential Rubber are good (and open late on Weds), or if you’re further north try Pro-tyre on the A10 in Enfield.

Cheers guys, I’ll check them out :smiley:

and Gabs - trust you :wink:

I like FWR just South of the River.

Thanks guys,

I called Essential rubber a little while ago and was quoted 120 fitted (plus a little discount) much better than the 190’ish from the dealer!

Will get that sorted asap…

bye bye square tyre!

i do indeed…

they are the fuggin borrox!

popped in lil while ago, had prob with my brake caliper, colin sorted it for 3 quid!!:w00t::smiley: sweet!

Make sure you get an all inclusive price from Pro-Tyre

They work out quite a bit dearer than ER:cool:

ER told me that my Pilot power 2’s would be £198 with LB discount everywhere else was quoting close to £300:w00t:

on my SV, 90 for the front, 125 for the back, pilot powers (not 2ct’s)
i think essential are possiby the cheapest around, arnie got some ferrodo? pads put in, they was well cheap! he was chuffed! cant remeber prices but arnold rekons it was cheaper then if he had got the pads off e-bay and had them fitted:D thats gotta be good!

Burwins on Essex Road promised me on Saturday to beat Essential on tyre prices :slight_smile: give 'em a whirl. Good bunch of guys…

Burwin Motorcycles
380 Essex Road
N1 3PF

T: 0207 359 3050
F: 0207 704 2327

E: [email protected]

they are pretty good, my mate at work gets his bandit serviced there, they always do a good job!

I went to Essential Rubber when I had a puncture on my Street - they didnt have any qualifiers in stock and I opted to go for the Sportmax Roadsmart, bit more of a sports touring tire, so I should get more than 3k miles from it! I didnt think they were the cheapest, worked out the same as when triumph fitted a tire when the bike was getting serviced… I need a new front so might try that other gaff if they’ll beat essential rubber!