Tyres - ride or replace?

Hi all,

Getting the new bike tomorrow unless they screw something else up. It’s got a set of Dunlop sport max tyres on it, but they’ve been on since July 2006.

Should those still be ok, or should I get it in for proper tyres at Essential sooner ?

depends on the bike , be careful though the experiance i have had with dunlops is …grip , grip , grip …oh f**k

they tend to let go without warning they are quite a few people i know who have said the same , i now use ractecs or rennsports on the road …they are grip , grin , grip , grin , etc :smiley:

Generally I go with Michelin Pilot 2CTs, but I’ll be broke until next month. I’m just worried about how hard the rubber will have gone.

tyres suffer more from heat cycles than age. since it sounds like you havent been ‘riding’ on them since 2006, i would think they would still be ok as long as you have enough tread.

but its up to you… when it comes to tyres its always ‘better safe than sorry’.

Does anybody know where I can get a pair of Maxxis tyres?


If all else fails try going on line.

If that fails, M&P sell them mail order.

Back to the original question.

Sunlights the tyre killer. If they have been in a dingy garage all that time, they should be o.k. I’ve ridden 10 year old tyres and they’ve been o.k. but not to be trusted if stressed.

If they have been out in the open, no way.

When I was at Motorcycle tyres UK a chap brought in a bike with really old tyres and the chap advised him that although they had enough tread to be legal tyres have a shelf life. You could take the bike to somewhere like Essential rubber for advice.

Good tyres those in wet or dry, had them on my 'bird went through rear in 3k they a bit soft :smiley: but front lasted over 10k before a puncture killed it :slight_smile:

on a lighter bike they would be great, highly recommended :slight_smile:

Its that sweety tin that does it Steve;):cool:

I hope all goes well with picking up the bike. I would seee how the bike feels after about 20 mins and make a decision then. The weather is looking ok for a decent run so just take it easy to start and then stop and check the tyres when they are warm. If you are a seasoned rider you will know if they feel ok or not.

As mentioned previously i also have an issue with Dunlops, great on track but have a strange heat cycle on the road, unless its very hot. Tyres are a massive part in confidence, as soon as you can get them changed and then you will feel much better about your new bike.


if you dont trust your rubber it messes with your riding (whether they’re in good nick or otherwise)

i’d go for replace as soon as you get the option. never worth scrimping on tyres or brakes…


pots n kettles spring to mind chunkster :P:P:P

You’ve got this in your mind now… If you decide to keep the tyres you’ll never be confident on the bike when you are pushing on until you fit new ones…:slight_smile:

+1 , always thinking will they, won’t they? Not a good state of mind. I’d change 'em if only for the enormous peace of mind that fresh tyres would bring. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean - but I’ve decided to keep them anyway - at least until May. I’ll get 2CTs put on just before I do CSS.

My main worry was any degradation over time, but the consensus seems to be that they should be ok and that it’s heat / cool cycles or sunlight that are the problem. The bike sat in a garage for 3 years managing a grand total of around 670 miles in that time, so I’m not madly worried about that.

It feels good to ride again :slight_smile:

Heat cycles affect race tyres more than road tyres. Think about it, if a rider was to do a fastish commute to and from work every day plus afterschool riding their tyre will heat cycle several hundreds of times. A proper race tyre will be shagged after half a dozen cycles.

Age degredation is the killer on road tyres, they will become harder with age.

Have a look at your tyres. If they have a blueish shiney colour around the outside of the tread you should consider binning them.

What bike is it? (unless i neglected to read that bit)

I can recommend fitting Dunlop Roadsmarts onto anything sporty that you want good tyre milage from. Had the roadsmart both in my blade and ZX6R and i cannot praise them enough! They warm up quickly and the amount of grip you get in the wet and cold conditions is a welcome relief compared to the bridgestone BT020/014 and avon azaros i’ve had previously. I’m planning to do a Rockingham next month (my first track day w00t) with them on. For 90% of riders and riding conditions, the roadsmart will cater for it. It warms up quick and unless you tw@t your bike around the country lanes at 140mph+, it’ll do you fine. Expect a 7000 mile life on a 600 and 5-6k on a thou depending on how you use it. They’re dual compound too so they grip in the bends as i’ve found out many a time.

You should be OK but I bet you have a few “clenching” moments along the way :):slight_smile:

Tyres on my zx7r are the ones that were on it when I bought it used last year - looks like they’ve been on there for yonks and I’m sure they are past it and have gone hard - going out on them the other day - it felt like they were made of wood - as well as crap tyres I have sh1t brakes - made my ride out an arse clenching experience. :crying:Will be replacing tyres and fitting braided lines as soon as poss. :satisfied:

Just changed my tyres last week to Diablo Corsas Been using Dunlop GP Racers For last 2 yrs great if youcan keep the heat in them ,but the Pirrelis feel great