Tyres question

Currently running a Bridgestone 010 on the front and was going to replace it with a BT 014 as I have on the back. However, how do the 014s compare to the 012SS I was thinking that the 012ss might make for a very good sticky front tyre come summer.

I was thinking of a Pirelli super corsa (is that right the one with barely any tread on) I know that would be good but not a good idea to mix with a bridgestone rear hey?

Whatever choice I make will all be used on the road and not the track.

What do you think?

Just to let you know but i used to bridges, and now im using avon viper sports MUCH BETTER! on cbr 600!

Stick to the 014s or similar. No need for really sticky stuff for the road, esp as you’re not Michael Rutter, so may as well stick to something that’ll give reasonable mileage for yer £s.

Cheers dude will do!

I never got on with the 014, (but it’s all down to personal preferance) I’ve got D208rrs on now and they are great. Used to race on super corsas, they are awsome, but won’t last long on the road.