Tyres in West London

Anyone have any suggestions for good tyre places in West London? Somewhere with fair prices with fitting/balancing and where they either stock or will order in the tyres?

I seriously need to change mine ASAP :crazy:

I’ve used HGB in Ruislip for tyres before, and Swallows in Harrow, there’s also a guy near North Wembley station who replaced the inner tube for my DRZ recently and he had a stock of tyres. Lots of places around, where in West London are you?

I’m in Chiswick so ideally somewhere close to there! :slight_smile:

HGB in Ruislip did me a good deal on PR4s recently.

Feltham tyres advertise bike tyres but I’ve not used them so cant recommend.

Have you asked Chiswick Honda or Jack Lilley’s for quotes?

Cheers, I’ve emailed HGB for a quote, it also looks pretty easy to get to. I’d rather go to someone who people can recommend with decent deals!

Chiswick Honda can do good prices on Bridgestones if that’s what you are after as they supply those.

I was looking at michelin road pilot 3s, I’ll contact them too, see what they can quote me! :slight_smile:

HGB definitively. my tyres new best friends :smiley:

Jack Lilley charge the cost price of the tyres plus a delivery charge of £5 per tyre then fitting on top of that. For reference, I got my Michelin PP3’s put on the Daytona a few weeks ago for £325.25 :slight_smile:

Arent the RP3s £230 a pair? thats what I’ve seen online at least :ermm:

Be careful with the Acronyms Ruth! Each model has a slightly different make up/compound mix and therefore price.

PP3= Pilot power sports focussed

PR3= Pilot road 3= sports touring

PR4= latest evolution of the Pilot road- I went for these as a compromise on milage and all condition grip, recommended by riders I respect. I am happy with these on the 1000RR

if you are tight like me the cheapest way i have found is to order from round and black on ebay ,don’t use their website they are more expensive and charge for delivery ,then whip the wheels of your bike and take em down the shop to get fitted got a pair of bridge stone bt 016 last week for 202 quid and payed 30 quid to have them fitted.

Dunno about PR3s (never used 'em). The PP3s can be bought online from somewhere like Ebay for around £230 a set, but then you have to take into account having to either arrange delivery to your chosen garage or dragging them there yourself. Then there’s the minimum of an hour’s workshop time for the fitting… It all adds up :crying:. Feltham Tyres (which others have said are very competitive) were only literally a pound or two cheaper than JL.

A sports bike running on high end tyres ain’t a cheap hobby :w00t:

Not just the tyres but the repairs too :pinch: but the tyres should help with that…

Ah I’ve seen ads to fit tyres based on price per tyre rather than labour, so like £20 per tyre, £40 total and added that onto cost of tyres which I’ve seen for £230 a pair! I’m getting quotes and with some luck and determination I may actually be able to find these garages too! :smiley:

Buy the tyres and take them to Scorch. I think he’s fitting tyres now… I think. Maybe he would let you have them delivered to his workshop.

West London really isn’t that hard! phone me if you get that lost and I’ll direct you by remote!

Ditto that, although it is stretching the definition of West London somewhat! I would’ve probably used Scorch too if he was set up to do tyre fittings when I needed them done.

I asked Scorch, he’s currently fitting tyres on older bikes because he doesnt have the automatic thingy to do them!

A straight line and one the turns isn’t hard either Bryan but I still managed balls that up :blush: I’ll wait till I get my quotes back, October is looking very wet so the sooner I get these done the better!!

HGB 2 mins from the Polish War Memorial off the A40 easy to find, used them quite a bit.
Got PR3’s on the SMT and PR4’s on the S1000, good all year round.

I found round & black hacking their prices up recently, HGB where still competitive fitted