Tyres for trailies

I’ve had it with the OE Pirelli Scorpions on my Pegaso Trail. It’s not exactly the worlds most lightning bike and I started to lose the back end three times on the damp roads on the way home tonight.

Anyone running a medium size trail out there (with a 19" front wheel) that has found a tyre set up that don’t scare the bejezuz out of you every time the roads are damp?

I’m almost prepared to have the front wheel re built to a 17" if that gives me something that I can rely on not to put the boxer shorts at risk.

Suggestions welcome folks.

(If your running a BMW 650 and too embarrassed to post, I’ll take a PM on this.)

trail tyres and road riding are never going to be perfect partners.

i dont run a trail bike, lucky my KTM has 17" ers but i have ridden a fair few and never liked the feel if the tyers.

I would say metzeler tourance or a bit better but still made in the same factory as the scorps, metzeler being owned by pirelli.

You can get Propper road tyres in that size.

why not try an 020 and see how you get on?

I’m running Continental TKC 80’s on my Dakar 17" rear 21" front and 90% of the time they are fine but the can be a bit lively in the wet.

Biggest problem with them is I’m only getting around 3000 miles out of the back tyre.

This FAQ is quite a good read, yep I know it’s F650GS based but it does give some good info FAQ Here

Adz is right, trail tyres (even hybrid road/trail tyres) on the road are always going to be ‘interesting’ (particularly in the wet!).

I have a V-Strom (that I only ride on the road) and I could not get rid of the stock tyres quick enough. Changing to Continental Road Attacks (available in 19") was a revelation and totally transformed the bike.

Got 'em from essential rubber (about £180 pair fitted)

You might also think about the Metzeler Tourance EXP:

. . . although many people seem to have been less than impressed by how they wear.


Just found this as well.

A comparison test done by a German Motorrad magazine. Link to the PDF is at the bottom of the page.

Link here

the avon distanzia’s are good , had them on my DR800 and XL1000V (dont like the name varadero), more a road tyre than anything else but with an off road look, can’t fault them in the wet !

The real question in this thread is ‘Do you ride off road?’

If no, then get some road tyres a.s.a.p

If yes, then ask yourself how often and is it enough to sacrifice (potentially lifesaving) day to day road grip for?

Can you afford two pairs of tyres (and the hassle of swapping them over)?


Avon Distanzia seems to be the most dual rated tyre around, problem is they seem to be quite hard to come by. Had them on my DRZ through winter a few years back and they do work well, fairly sticky and last a long time, fairly good for green laning to.

I run Distempers on my Triumph ,18 rear 19 front good tyre,in the wet any tyre going to give up at extreme lean angles .FWR £99 A PAIR

When I had my Africa Twins I ran Distanza’s and they were great as were TKC 80’s.

Not sure if they make the fitment but the Michelin Anakee 2 is a great tyre - is for ‘dual purpose’ bikes and the new version uses a dual compound (softer on the shoulders and harder in the centre) got them on my Varadero and they give great wet weather grip.

Thanks folks.

I should have stated that I hardly ever go off road, unless grass car parks and poncy gravel drives count. So a change to a pure road tyre is not a problem. The Scorpions are cr*p in the cack off road as well.

BT 020’s look good but pricey. Think I had those on the street moto (or 021’s) and they were pretty good.

Hearing mixed responses on the Tourance and Pilot. (Inc. sources other than here.)

The Distanzia’s tick the right price box and did not look too shabby in the Motorrad test.

I think I’ll just slow down (!) for the rest of this winter/in the wet and make my decision in the spring based on Bridgestone/Avon/money.

Thanks again for the posts.