Tyres for a track bike

Any recommendations for a track only tyre for a 600cc bike ? Bike won’t be used on the road so not interested in long life etc, just good stable handling and plenty of grip.

You got another plan up your sleeve then Steve?:stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, needs tyres and a footpeg/brake lever and a new can but it should be fine for track days, get a small trailer to go with it. Just not keen on binning the Kawasaki, it’s too good to see it go scuffing down the track.

What tyres then ? Dunlop Qualifiers ?

What bike is this then?:cool:

If its a dedicated track bike you could do worse than ask some of the race boys if they have any scrubs. They would be a fraction of the cost of new race tyres and may have only done a couple of laps.:slight_smile:

edit… Have a look at this http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic253602-34-1.aspx?Highlight=scrubs

yeah c’mon whats the bike ? :slight_smile:

This time of year you won’t go far wrong with Michelin 2CT’s if you’re in the novice or inters.

Many trackdayers may not get the race tyres up to a decent temperature to work well.

I like the Supercorsas and would offer you some but only have a load of fronts as i’m going through the rears so quicky:cool:

As Chunkmeister says, you can pick up scrubs from club racers at a fraction of the cost or give me a call once the season gets underway;)

2cts are good in all conditions, should last a good few trackdays too

prob only worth going to racetecs/qualifers/supercorsas if you know the weather is going to be warm and dry, and you’re getting fast enough to find the extra grip compared to a 2ct.

Thanks B, 2CT’s probably then :slight_smile:

B can do crazy things with supercorsas in all weathers. I was poo-ing it at donny in the wet on 2cts, and B was merrily sliding himself round!

Thanks, I’m not fast enough yet, there was a chap with an R1 in the garage on Sat with Racetecs and his tyres were hot after one session, hotter than mine have been even during the summer :cool:

to be honest mate, me neither. i’ve managed to get a fair bit quicker, but the 2cts still seem up to the job. i only managed to overpower them through clearways a couple of times, one was a nice drift, one was a bit of a ‘moment’ but i think that was more my enthusiastic use of the throttle more than the tyre :Dthe nice thing about them, is that you dont have to worry too much about the conditions being suitable, you just adjust the pressures and off you go. if you can afford 'em and carry them, warmers aren’t a bad idea either