Tyres expire?

I’ve found a good deal on a pair of tyres(Diablo Supercorsa BSB) for my 675 however, I will be away from my bike for 6 months. Before that I will have a full 3,5 months to enjoy my pair of new tyres. Do you think it is a pointless purchase or can I remove them and store them for use after my return back home? What should I look for? Any tips would be very helpful.

The tyres I have now are the plain Diablos and are in a reasonably good condition(about 3000+ km) but I don’t know whether they could be ideal for a trackday scenario. Any opinions on that?

Thank you in advance

Buy them, enjoy them, BCR them and they’ll be gone in 3.5 months!:smiley: Did I read that on the side wall of tyres (Car tyres?) the a 4 digit number that that denotes what week of what year they where produced?

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