Tyres and Emergency Repair kits....

Hmm, after last nights little scare - a three inch screw in me tread…and Charleys comment that its nearly out anyway, time for some new rubber.

The bikes a Ninja 6…so what do you guys recommend as there is so much to choose from…Bridgestones, Avons, Dunflops, Michelin…???

After talking with Highside and RizlaSV will probably want to get in a track day or three everyone seems to have so much fun - so need to consider this.

Is it best to change both front and rear at teh same time…or can you mis match makes for a while…I still have the original sportmax D207’s fitted…I will swap the front shortly after its just an unexpected cash thingy at the mo.

And Charley…you mentioned a couple of puncture kits for emergencies but cannot recall the names…what do you suggest as if the bike had got a flat and I was on my own…well thats just plain embarasing…?



If you are prepared to spend a little more (only a few ££’s more), I would go with the Michelin Pilot Powers - they seem to work on every bike I’ve heard of. A very good all round tyre that provides more grip than you’ll need and they have a very good wear rate (my mate on a 10R did Brands, a trip to Assen and still got over 6000 miles out of the rear / front is still on there).

I could recommend Bridgestones BT014 I love em and recently started pushing them a lot in the hot weather and they seem to stick and stick and keep on sticking. Pirelli Diablos seem very popular too and I have heard very good things about them.

Have fun mate.

Ness seems to be very happy with the 014’s on her 600, but I had a couple of scary moments on my 1000 with them (always the front) - they don’t seem to talk to you as much as other tyres either (which could be why I pushed them until they let go). They can be gotten for a good price though.

Buying the tyres in pairs will probably work out cheaper. I`ll normally go for the Pirellis Diablos, but make sure you get the corect sizes, i think some of the Kawasaki 600 may run a 120-65x 17 front rather than a 120-70. (the bike will handle differently otherwise)

Personally i tend to go towards softer tyres and do not see it as a false economy, they may not last as long but you`ll be glad of the extra grip in an emergency as well as the extra grin factor they offer.

Ive had one of those emergency puncture repair kits under my seat for ages and only needed it once several years ago, i wouldnt go out on my bike without it. From what i`ve heard, most kits work perfectly ok and are very cheap.

Get out on track before the weather goes the other way , you`ll love it.

Cheers one and all; as its a neccessity and my nearest dealer cannot get the Diablos to match front and rear - the front as a diablo corsa have opted for the 014’s…have read other reports on both sets of tyres and it seems to be between 014’s and the diablos…its rubber, there sticky…hey watch me grin!!

B - thanks for the heads up on tyre size…yep me fronts the \65 version!

Oh and thanks on the Repair kits…will take a look whilst I’m there and make an investment.