Tyre warning adverse wear PLEASE READ THIS GUYS

Hi guys this is a warning to anyone who has the Pirelli super corsa BSB tyres fitted they are wearing adversly quick and throwing rubber off them in the centre and wearing out very quickly I recently supplied and fitted a set to a 2005 R1 and the lad went on a tour around France and Spain having covered 2700 miles all on back twisty roads the tyre wore adversly the centre part of the tyre was good one min and one min not all the rubber was thrown from the centre unevenly exposing the metal banding barring in mind the presures involved this would not take much to burst ect the photos below explain the photos have been shown to pirelli UK and there want the tyre so we had it sent back from Spain they said it should NOT wear this quickly and like this you can see that the wart bar on the picture shows plenty of tread left the pictures are below


you can see wear bar on pic

now I have the tyre here I can push the centre of the tyre in with my little finger the rubber is so thin it is very concerning

Scary! :blink:

Makes me glad I stuck with the Michelin Pilot Road 2’s… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah guys roll the tyre through 360 Degrees to check all of it, :ermm:cos if it were not for my mate double checking my tyres after checking his the next morning I would have had a big off !:w00t: Just think the evening before on way to our hotel we were hitting 140+ on this piece o’shite rubber how it never burst on me I’ll never know?:ermm:

Thats scary stuff!!

did you have a bit of a puncture??? It will make it do that! If not thats very worrying as i have those on!

No Mate. They were fitted brand new for trip. Pirelli have asked for the tyres back as they are very cocearned that the tyres have done this. Be very careful as this is not the only tyre known to have done this. The tyre thickness where metal is showing is no more than 3-4mm !!! Very scary!

jeez, that first picture looks like a closeup of a cricket ball!!

That’s a strange choice of tyre to go touring on? :slight_smile: what compound were they?

Not really mate as Pirelli said they were good for 4-5k miles. All of our route from Calais - Grenoble - Andorra - Algarve - Toledo 2,700k was non motorway, mainly twisties with some long straights. The tyre is 60% ok around the centre tread which is very puzzling dont you think? I very rarely use the back brake, always feed the power on, and I have a slipper clutch fitted. The total milage for our trip was a tad over 3k and not enough to kill a 4-5k tyre? Anyway anyone running on these tyres should be very carefull.

Hi guys after this post was put up I called another freind and informed him as he has them fitte to a Gixxer 750 he then replied “funny u should say that I’ve just had his dealer on phone bike in for service and they said u will need to put on new tyres before we let u have bike back sir as we noticed a small wear patch on rear turned wheel to reveal large amounts of rubber missing and we can push the centre of tyre in it’s very thin something is wrong with it” ao his service cost went up two new tyres.

Also just got back from the ace 10 mins ago where was a blade I noticed he had these tyres so I went over to give him a heads up he said " no mate there fine look" so leant bike over spun the wheel and there u go metal bandin like above he wa a bit gutted he said they where fine when I left my house off he went slowly to replace

So pease guys be carefull check then a lot

I can’t believe that Pirelli have said the tyre should last 4-5k.
I can’t get Diablo Stradas to last that long 0n a ZX-9R, let alone track tyres…
I’d be reckoning the supercorsa BSBs would last no more than 1.5 to 2k, depending on the roads.

They said it infact they want the tyre also come have a look how thin the rubber is in the middle of it it can be folded in half

I have these fitted to my blade with no issues, they aren’t designed for going touring, as the title says ‘BSB’, these are nothing but a road legal slick!!!

I just cannot believe that anyone thinks that trackday tyres are going to last any more than a couple of thousand miles
I’m happy if I get 3.5k out of a touring tyre, FFS, and that’s on a 11 year old bike with only about 130 odd BHP at the wheel

Hmmm well it’s a good heads up to those who are expecting track tyres to last a couple of thousand miles, and it can’t hurt to double check your rubber anyway.

It would be interesting to hear what Pirelli say.

Did u post this before someone called me sayig you were in Andover this morning on ride out and our having same issues


Pirelli UK said the life of this tyre should be about 4-4.5 k miles
and as for tour just imagine all your little sudsy twisty rideout put together the guys yes went on a tour but all and I mean all roads were back twisty roads

This post is for your safety as a heads up two other people have called me today stating same issue and want my advice from what pirelli UK have said they are desperate to have this tyre back but not before Mcn ect see it

It’s strange that it’s worn so much in just one area and not evenly, but even according to Pirelli these are a track tyre that’s also road legal: http://www.pirelli.co.uk/web/motorcycle/special_edition.page

I get 6000 miles or so from a rear touring tyre like the Pilot Road 2 so there’s no way the Pirelli will give 4k miles, it’s at best going to be on a par with the 2CT so maybe 2-3 K but I’d bet its more like the Supercorsa Pro and one track day can put that out of shape. I’d not bank on getting more than 1000 miles on the road with it.

seems to me that Pirelli might be about to get hoisted by their own PR here.

I agree with Steve here, but the point is that they shouldn’t sell’em claiming 4k mile life I think.

Depends on the bike, how it is ridden, etc … If you fit them to a low powered bike, which is ridden very sedately, then it could well achieve 4k.

Fit them to a litre bike, which is ridden like it is stolen, then you might only get 2k from them.

Pirelli only last 2 - 3k on my firestorm, but then it is a heavy bike and I ride it hard!

If you want a tyre to last, then choose accordingly … There are plenty of ‘sports-touring’ tyres around, which will give good grip and excellent wear.

My 2 cents worth.

How would I know if somebody called you??? I monitor my tyre wear frequently, and never judge wear by manufacturers recommended mileage!
The point here guys is check your wear regularly, Your bike, your safety, your life!