tyre warmers

i need some advice bout tyre warmers. after the recent outing @ brands i was dissapointed @ the amount of laps i needed to get the level of heat into me tyres b4 i felt i could open the throttle.

wat trye warmers are you running and how effective are they??

When it’s 98 degrees out you don’t ask such questions. I just ride in the Texas sun. Doesn’t take much, to get your tires sticky enough to ride the Texas Hill Country Trail. And as its just a couple of miles down the road to the northern terminus, I simply ride there and head south.

here you go dude:


cheers jb :wink:

no probs. the diamond racing ones are sold via ebay by the way. great value for money.

this is the site for the HWW ones.


funny i wa just looking @ a set of diamond tyre warmers on ebay think i`l be purchessing them pritty soon

got 2 get back out on the track i`ve been bitten by the bug, just need a bigger bike now ;):stuck_out_tongue:

or you need to get smaller :wink:

i`m working on that m8(cheeky sod)

bigger as in more leg room m8 not power

my 600 is more than enuff to mix it with of some bigger bikes. @ brands i kept up with marvin on his k6 1000 they only time he got away from me was wen we were coming up on slower riders in the inters group.

caught up with elad only for him to bugger off into the pits(he`s got alot more confidence in cold tyres than i have

Seems you’ve got your confidence back after last year mate…Good to see.Putting together my group’s 08 Track day calendar…Will run it by you when I see you.

hehe :Pdepends what you mean by leg room?one thing you can try which i’ve noticed from your pics is sticking your outside heel against the peg rather than keeping it on the ball of your foot (inside is still on the ball tho). was recommended it as makes it easier to hang off if you’re a big guy, and a lot of racers seem to do it too.

will try this out on the next trackday i do

cool let me know fella as i should be able to get the van wenever i want just gotta give a bit of notice;)

Anybody know the correct temps for tyres ? 80 C seems to be the mark for race tyres but is that still OK for a 2CT ? I’d guess that would be too hot for a road tyre. Some warmers have a thermostat which allows varying temps from 40ish to 80 C.

seem to work ok on mine. 2ct is fairly track orientated anyway

ive got bridgestone btoo2s on the bike @ the mo and im pretty impressed with the amount of grip and feed bk from these tyres and i would deffinetly get another set. i should be going down brands this weekend to watch the beemsee boys battle it out so i might see wat they have to offer afterwards

HWW warmers rock.

diamond tyre warmers have been purchessed and will be used @ cadwell:D:D:D:D

hopefully the weather will be dry and sunny if not i`l stick me pilot powers on av a blast with them

good work, dont break the plugs (apparently this doesn’t help them working…) :wink:

thanks for the advice m8 i`l try not to do wat you did lol

need to get these poxy gillies fitted hopefully me buddy gsxresurector will be comming round l8r to (fit them) give us a hand to put them on