tyre (tire) fitting shop in South east london

Hi does anyone know of a good (and relatively cheap) tyre fitting shop? I live around Surrey Quays area and I only know of Essential Rubber which is quite good but a bit far away. I had a puncture on the front and cannot travel very far. Any others?


www.fwr.co.uk - Kennington Lane not far from the Elephant

or www.chasbikes.co.uk in Great Suffolk Street which would be slightly nearer. Used by loads of couriers.


Just had another thought. What about Raceway Motorcycles on Lower Road? I can’t remember if they do tyres or not. www.raceways.net or 020 7237 6494.

Ok thank you mate for the help
I will check them out.

dude avoid FWR. They maybe cheap but there have been reports on here of shoddy workmanship. I can recommend sidcup motorcycle tyres. Have a read in the praise (name and shame section) for write ups of aforementioned! good luck.

Oh great!!! this is where I went. Simply because of the price. I would have gone to Essential Rubber (2.50 cheaper) but they didnt have the tyre I wanted in stock. Now that I’ve read what it has been said on the Name and Shame section I feel I should go down and double check the work on my bike. Crap!!!

I am never going there again.

well on a first look it seems ok. And riding around a bit hasn’t revealed any problems (apart from the fact that it is a little slippery). Granted, its a new tyre and the roads ar wet so…I guess its ok.

The only peculiar thing, is that they didn’t fit any balancing weight. But then again even with my older tyre (BT010) it didnt have any weight on. Is that strange or normal?

I was wondering, would it be possible to have a list (perhaps some graphical display) of all the good and bad bike shops in London? It would be much easier for people to see rather than searching thousands of posts in the forum. Does this sound like a good idea?
If I had known about that I wouldn’t have gone to FWR even though I dont have a problem with the tyre fitted (so far).

Hi mjate im in canada wtaer so round the cornwer form you …Chaz bikes as mentioned are great if not HI-Q on raymouth road.

Cool. I’ll check it out next time. By the way…what do you ride? Maybe I’ll see you around one day in Canada Water

Blue R6 51 plate



You were not at Tesco’s 2 hours ago with a couple of geezers where you?

no mate but im very local … pm your msn or email it to [email protected] and ill add you

im out for a ride on sun if you fancy it …what bike you got ?

Try Walting Tyres babes, they are in Catford. They did me very proud with a puncture repair - best to ask how long they will be ask they get extremely busy - but that is only because they are so renown in the area