Tyre size / selection (- another!) question


I am off to Almeria, Spain in 10 days time for 3 days on track and have a tyre question.

The standard rear tyre for my bike (gixxer thou’ k4) is a 190/50 and Diablo Corsas would be my normal choice for road / trackday combos.

As I will purely be on the track, however, I am now thinking of Super Corsa Pros (SC1 or 2). or even Dragon slicks (SC1 or 2), STW, but they both only come in either 190/55 (which means removing my hugger (not a problem) to get the extra space), or 180/55 which may give better turn in.

Is there a down side to using 180/55s?

The temp in Almeria is currently 20 degs and I am told the track surface is tough on tyres.

I have to pre order the tyres (probably two rears and one front) on Tuesday

Any views?

Ah, you lucky sod, enjoy yourself and take lots of snaps! Who are you going with?

So many views with this, but there’s no way you’d get me riding a gixxer thou with a 180 tyre, it’s madness. The BSB/WSB boys don’t, and they’re looking for the best turn-in possible. It’s too much power for that size tyre mate, you could spin it up all too easy.

In the UK I would run SC1 and 2’s front and rear, with the 55 profile. At Almeria? Not done it, but it’s hard on tyres I know that much. I would probably run SC2+3’s instead to get more life out of them, and given it’ll be warm.

If money is no object, Go SC1/2’s front and rear with the 55 profile and lap it up

My mate gav runs a team, he has tyres.

If ya want I PM you his number, he will be able to give you the right advice and provide you with the tyres suitable for your needs.

Thanks guys.

I think I will go with the 190/55s. I am going with Hottrax and they are only offering SC1 or SC2s so 3s are not an option.

I will bring some pics back.