Tyre Sacrifice (Burnout Saturday)

Like it, when u were doing the doughnut thingy were u releasing the brakes at all or was the movement purely due to ure wheel bein turned and u moving it with ure legs…

Like it alot!

I cant wheelie at all…yet im only 21 and learning more and more about my baby every day. got plenty of time to learn hopefully this summer i will pop a good’n

Just pushed the bike around with the front brake still on. Quite amazing how easily you can move the bike once you break the back free…

If you know of anywhere in London to practise wheelies, I am there !

Top Draw!..perfect circle on the donut!..i would not have the bottle to do that knowing the way my luck is lately…two months ago got a shard of timber down my left nail went right down into the cuticle bed hostpital job the nurse got some pliers and had to take me nail off to get the wood out…it was like a day trip to the london dungeon!

four weeks ago taking some glass out of a door, thumb slipped nearly cut me thumb off needed eight stitches!!

finally two weeks ago i stood on a three inch nail went straight into the foot hitting the bone of the third toe!

i cannot take anymore pain!!