Tyre Sacrifice (Burnout Saturday)

I actually originally posted this on Visordown but they are such c**ts on that site I decided to delete the thread and post it here. If you read it on VD, sorry for the repeat…

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With the warmer weather upon us I decided to pay homage to the Metal God by offering up a sacrificial BT014. (well that and the fact that I needed new tyres… ) A mate of mine joined in the ceremony but as can be seen in the pictures I don’t think the Gods were pleased with his offering!

Let the ritual begin!

Part of the ritual dance:

And so the spilling of rubber begins…

My mate angering the Gods, while I put in a good effort…

The burnt offering…

In return the Gods have rewarded me with a new pair of Pilot Powers ! (the God of VISA that is… )

WOW! What a damage on that tyre eh? bad boy… lol

Have always meant to do a burnt out before I change my tyres! I just dont know if I could be bothered with the hours and hours spent having to clean the rubber from my undertray, hugger and shock!

Nice pics!

Mate visordown general is a nasty place!

You have gotta do a burn out before you change the tyres. I recomend close proximity to shop where you are replacing tyres to minimise chances of a nick for knackered boots.

Nice one Tex! No problem here with burnouts! We all get the urge to be naughty I used to do the same to a degree, but like Terry, always either forgot, or had nowhere to do it before changing the tyre! Now I’m more concerned with over-heating the engine, and cleaning the crap off the bike afterwards, so don’t, heh.

Great pics!

Superb Pics…

Yeah, I had never thought about the overheating part ! I usually just do quick burnouts but this time I wanted alot of smoke so did em for quite awhile, temp was sitting at about 115 degrees !

BTW, pics taken with my Nikon D200… obviously not by me…

Sadly I have about 1400 posts on VD but the place is just so full of haters it is incredible, I guess everyone on there eventually becomes like that to get attention cos that is the only way you get noticed. Can be amusing now and then but sometimes it just ain’t cool…

Glad you liked the pics…

Come on there loads left on that tyre

Finish it off lol

that’s what I thought

Drop it off at FWR, they could sell it as new

Dude that tyre is still good for another 3000 miles !!

errmm… or maybe i just need to change mine…


Nice pics BTW

Loving the D200 Tex, superb camera. Can’t justify the upgrade from the D70 yet though

I hope LB is different, because we’re local, we all get to meet up, so I’m hoping people will treat each other with the same respect they would in person. It’s easy to become an armchair web-warrior when there’s no face behind the name.

Good stuff tex did the same thing when my pirellis were on their last leg!

I still gotta learn how to do a rolling burn out…

slowly let go of your front brake and see what happens

The rear will fish-tail and you’ll crap your pants Also, it’s worth adding, don’t let go of the brakes completely, or you stand a good chance of flipping it!

Never done a burnout never been harsh enough on the throttle to get it spinning!

im just a chicken shit!!!

cant do a burnout or a weelie…

always thinking of the worst that could happen and that puts me off…

would love to learn tho…


i’d say burnouts are the easiest trick to learn.
Especially in the wet!

1st thing is to get off sadle and straddle the bike, then just grab your front brake with your first 2 fingers, roll the throttle onto about 1/2 way (depends on litre of bike) the let the clutch out fairly quick.
If it bogs down and doesnt spin, grab clutch and try again, this time sharper.
Once it’s spinning you can control the throttle and use your thighs to swing the bike left/right.

Always practice in wet or on grass, it’s so easy, not hard at all, c’mon, even I can do it !Just make sure your weight is off the saddle and pushing down on bars

Pretty good advice that…

here is a little vid clip I put together tonight of the footage that was taken… I used The Offspring’s “Burn it up” as background music…

Not sure if my plate is readable or not but for the record this was done on private property. My mate on the 636 has this thing about spinning the tyre v…e…r…y slowly, not sure why! The walk around burnout thing just happened, never done that before

Right click save as… (10mb file)


Very Very nice

Nice Pics Im supprised how clean ur undertray is in that last pic