Tyre Repairs West London (Ealing area)

Had to go to Park Royal industrial estate to pick up a package from DHL and also picked up two srews in my back tyre. AA/Honda Assistance made temporary repairs - both screws in the centre of the tyre.

They have advised to get a permanent repair and as I have done only 3000 miles on the tyre think it is worth it. Any recommedations on where to go and what to look out for?

Righty here’s a choice for you, if I have got time I’ll google the proper addresses for you if not you’ll have to do it lol…

  1. Eddie/Ghostie is often at the Ace, I’m sure someone here will have his number… just found his card and his mobile in this area… 07946 019557
  2. Bill Bunns in South Ealing
  3. HGB in S.Ruislip
  4. FWR in Kennington, if you want to travel
  5. PDQ in Taplow…

There’s plenty of places if you look… Get the Thomson local out :wink:

How efficient was that 118?;):smiley:

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I will try HGB in Ruislip - anybody had any experience of them?

Chelsea Fan - We can do you a perm repair for £30 (tubeless) or £35 for a tubed tyre. I work at SRS Motorcycles, based in Hammersmith…if you are interested give me a call on 020 8741 2114. :slight_smile:

Yes…and it was bad I’m afraid.

A young pup did the work…knackered the valve and was flat by the time I got home (less than 1 mile!) had to wheel it back down for them to replace it, where he had the cheek to ask what I had done to it…:angry:

Thanks Adzski - a timely warning, I will give Gazza a call instead.

I have been to FWR and they are great! fast too, as they did it during my work lunch break! highly recomended…

I went to Gazza at SRS - great job, got me sorted in 45 minutes. Very nice people and I would recommend them to anyone else.

You are more than welcome back anytime! :smiley: